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Mailbag: Worried About Zeke's Workload? What To Do With McFadden?

I love the Cowboys' commitment to the run this year and love what Zeke is able to do as a player.  Zeke's workload thus far does seem to be quite substantial with the amount of touches he receives each game. I don't want to see that diminish so my question is this. Is the coaching staff worried about him hitting the so called "Rookie Wall" later in the season due to the amount of touches?  What steps is Zeke doing to take care of his body?

Bryan: I don't believe that 25 touches (run and pass) a game is all that much. His carries are productive ones not just banging him into the line. His body type allows him to carry the ball the way he does - it's why they drafted him when they did. 

David:Zeke is currently on pace for 30 fewer carries than DeMarco Murray had in 2014, and he's five years younger than Murray was at the time. Also keep in mind that, at an elite program like Ohio State, Elliott was used to playing 13, 14, even 15 games in a season. This is why you drafted a young, explosive back. He's fine.

Do you see us trading McFadden because he will not get any carries? Can we get some value for him?  Teams are always looking for a RB.

Bryan: I would be surprised if they traded Darren McFadden. He is a more complete back than Morris when it comes to the things that these players are required to do. 

David:I always bet against trades in the NFL, because they simply don't happen that often. But I'm awfully curious about what the Cowboys will do with him. They could insert him into the lineup in favor of one of the fullbacks – but Keith and Rod Smith both do more on special teams. So I honestly don't know. If someone was willing to give me a decent draft pick for him, I'd do that deal. I'm just not sure that's likely.

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