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Mailbag: Worth It To Keep Gregory Around? Biggest Need In This Year's Draft?



Randy Gregory was a headache from the moment we drafted him. Why do we not say good bye to him and move on.

David:I have never understood why people are so eager to part ways with Gregory. He is not even technically part of the NFL right now. It is costing the Cowboys nothing to keep him in the fold, from a salary cap standpoint. If you want to send a message, do it with a guy who does not have the potential to get 10 sacks. Otherwise, Randy Gregory is currently a low-risk, high-reward player who may or may not have a future in the NFL. I do not see an upside

Rob:Jerry Jones listed a few reasons last week. He's a good person, he's smart and he's trying to get on the right path – "and there's one other little thing: He's a hell of a football player." Jones whole-heartedly believes this is a medical issue and not a cut-and-dried substance abuse issue.



*If there is one player or position that is a "MUST HAVE" (assuming WR is not a need) in the draft, what would that be? *

David:Depending on how you feel about Marcus Martin, it's either guard or linebacker. There currently is not a solid option behind Jaylon Smith and Sean Lee, so it would be nice to add a starter-caliber player behind them. On the offensive side, you would like to think the Cowboys could find some competition at left guard. On this line, a guy drafted in the first, second or third round should be able to step in and compete for the starting job.

Rob:Linebacker. The Cowboys lost one full-time starter (Hitchens) and another part-time starter (Wilber) who played about 20 snaps a game last season. Joe Thomas is solid veteran addition, and the team is optimistic about what Jaylon Smith can do in his second year. Still, Sean Lee missed games last year and Smith's injury history is well-documented. Throw in the physical demands of this position, and I think linebacker depth must be addressed fairly early – preferably with a prospect who can play at least MIKE and WILL.

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