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Mailbag: Would A LB Stop Jaylon Smith's Progress? Noah Brown's Future?

Brian has been talking about Damontre Moore being a progress stopper for Taco Charlton last year, but wouldn't drafting a LB in the first be the same thing for Jaylon Smith this year? Why not let your picks develop and give them a chance to be the impact player you spent high draft resources on?

Bryan: A linebacker would not be a progress stopper at this point. As much as you want to believe that everything will be okay with Smith, you also have to worry about Lee. That safety blanket is now playing in Kansas City. They will let Smith develop but they had better protect themselves if it doesn't happen and Lee misses a couple of games. 

David: I tend to disagree with Bryan that Moore was a progress stopper for Taco in the first place, but I don't think you can compare those situations, anyway. If you think back to last year, there was more than enough playing time for Jaylon, Lee and Hitchens to go around – largely due to injuries. Lee is about to turn 32, and it doesn't seem wise to bank on Jaylon being 100 percent. There's nothing wrong with insuring yourself at that position. Not just for 2018, but for the foreseeable future.

All these WR signings and talk about drafting a WR, where do you see Noah Brown fitting into the scheme next season?

Bryan: I've seen him a bunch around The Star. I have a feeling he's looking at the depth chart with the understanding that he's going to have to earn a spot. They want competition among the group and with the numbers they have it's likely to happen. 

David:We still need to see what happens with Dez, but it's pretty easy to do the math – especially if the Cowboys draft a receiver. I've been really impressed with Brown since the day he got here, and the coaches obviously liked him enough to carry six receivers, which they don't typically do. That said, he's going to have to prove himself all over again. He's probably going to be sixth or seventh on the depth chart, and he can't afford to drop off if he wants to make the team.

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