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Mailbag: Would Morris Mean No RB In The Draft? David Irving's Potential?

If Alfred Morris signs, this would take us out of the running for a RB in the draft, right? Dunbar has a role carved out and with McFadden and Morris potentially getting the bulk of the carries, there isn't much room for another back.

Bryan: Well McFadden and Dunbar are on one year deals, Morris could sign the same deal that McFadden did last year which was two years. I don't think this will keep the front office from drafting a running back. If they want to move on from McFadden – that shouldn't be a problem. A long term running back would be a nice fit here especially some of the players in this draft.

David: I don't really think that's the case at all, to be honest. Even if Morris signs, it's not likely to be for a long or expensive deal. On top of that, McFadden has just one year left on his contract, and Dunbar still has a lengthy rehab ahead of him. It's hard to say when he'll even be able to play. Even if they sign Morris, I expect the Cowboys will still draft a young back – but probably not until the middle rounds.

Can we not look to David Irving to step up as a threat on the line for us next year? All this talk about needing more help and I agree but he was a monster to finish the year and I don't see why that can't carry over.

Bryan: I believe that you will see David Irving playing more of a role as a defensive end in this scheme. I agree that he flashed a lot of promise in the opportunities that he was given. His technique should improve as we work through these OTAs, mini camps and training camp.

David: I liked what I saw from Irving a lot last year – I don't have a single problem with him manning a role in this defense. My problem is that it feels overly optimistic to rely on him as a major piece of the pass rush, rather than a contributor. I'd feel better if they had one or possibly two proven players who could help supplement his potential.


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