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Mailbag: Would You Sign Kaepernick? Who Will Play Strong Safety?

If Colin Kaepernick accepts to be paid as a backup QB, do you think he would be a good fit for the Cowboys? My fear is if Dak gets hurt and with the current QB backup situation we might as well say goodbye to playoffs. What do you think?

Bryan: My opinion is that he'd be a great fit for the scheme they currently run. I watched him just the other day – mobility, ball handling and getting the ball out quick are his strengths. He has proven with a solid offensive line and running game that he can win a lot of games in this league. 

David:I would definitely be in favor of that signing. Kaepernick had a quietly solid season last year, and I think he'd be a great scheme fit considering his similarities to Dak. I don't think it'll happen for multiple reasons. Firstly is that this coaching staff likes Kellen Moore a lot more than you do. On top of that, I don't think NFL teams want the attention that comes with signing him.

Do the Cowboys still lack a true strong safety? Is that position changing into more of a hybrid spot like having two free safeties or more corner coverage type safeties or is there more faith in the abilities of Heath and Frazier?

Bryan: I have faith in Heath and Frazier to play down if needed. Both tackle well and are more than willing to stick their nose in there. As much single high safety that they play -- they better figure it out quickly. 

David:I think you make a good point that the Cowboys almost view their safeties interchangeably. They'd prefer it if all their guys could handle both jobs. Much like last year, I'm guessing we'll see them play more than two safeties pretty regularly to help handle the load.

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