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Mailbag: Zeke's Legal Strategy? More Playing Time For Brice Butler?



Any concern that Zeke's legal strategy will backfire?  I'd rather be sure he's available at the end of the season and into the playoffs than deal with so much ongoing legal uncertainty. Might help the team focus, as well.

Bryan: The plan all along was to fight this, no matter how long it took. I personally would have taken the first six games, then put it behind me -- but I am not in Elliott's shoes. If you want something to worry about, worry about the inability of this defense to defend the run. That needs to be their real focus and not something they have no real control over. 

David:Obviously, you'd prefer to not have to deal with this on any level. But now that Zeke is in the thick of it, I'm not going to quibble over how it affects football strategy. Zeke and his camp contend that he didn't do anything wrong, so obviously they're going to fight it. Far be it from me to suggest he should give up and accept this stain on his reputation if he is actually innocent. Of course it affects the team, but that wouldn't be my primary concern if I were in his situation.



I understand that, based on contract, Terrance Williams is a starter. When will the coaching staff decide that it's time to move Brice Butler into the starting lineup?  It won't hurt if he doesn't immediately produce, because we are getting nothing from Williams.

Bryan: I'd say you're being a little harsh on the getting nothing. Williams is not as terrible of a player as you think. Sure the interception against the Packers was a terrible break, but those happen in games. Should Butler be playing more? Sure, I see no problem there as long as he continues to produce and finish plays. This is the first time that we've seen that kind of consistency with him. 

David:I get the frustration with Terrance, but I doubt it will lead to any significant changes in playing time. The coaching staff loves what he brings to the table on a variety of levels -- from his toughness, to his blocking, to his penchant for producing big plays. Obviously, he has made some bone-headed mistakes. But I do not think Butler offers so much more that it will drastically affect the way they want to call their offense.

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