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Moving Ahead To Rookie Free Agents

The NFL is back in business, which means the doors at Valley Ranch are open again on Tuesday. But that doesn't mean the Cowboys practice facility will be a busy place on this first day after the lockout has been lifted.

That's because many of the players and coaches will be en route to San Antonio, where training camp will begin officially on Thursday. The team will report on Wednesday with physicals, conditioning tests and the first team meeting since the end of last year.

In the meantime, Tuesday is the first day the Cowboys can start negotiating with all free agents, although the veterans can't officially be signed until Aug. 2, but expect to see plenty of agreements before then.

As for the rookies, the Cowboys can start talking to the eight draft picks and sign them to deals, as well as the undrafted players.

So far, the Cowboys have reportedly agreed to terms with about 10 rookie free agents, including Texas Tech wide receiver Lyle Leong, Oklahoma State kicker Dan Bailey, Hawaii OT Leupapa Letuli, Utah safety Justin Taplin-Ross, Nevada center Jose Acuna, Toledo's Kevin Kowalski, Utah State cornerback Chris Randle and Georgia Tech cornerback Mario Butler.

Now that list is a combination of various reports along with personal tweets from these college players, who are obviously excited about finally getting with an NFL team after a long, long summer.

Expect a few changes and additions here and there as we try to update all the comings and goings here at Valley Ranch.

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