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Name to Know: Door Opens Now For CJ Goodwin


(Editor's Note: With training camp finally beginning, there are countless names that will shape the way this Cowboys season plays out. On a team with this much star power, some of those names are better known than others. This series seeks to identify some of the unheralded members of the Cowboys' roster, highlighting how they might make the team and have an impact on the 2020 season.)

  • Who Is He? C.J. Goodwin
  • How Did He Get Here? Goodwin joined the Cowboys in 2018 after a few stops with the Falcons, Bengals and Cardinals over the previous two years. While he got injured early into his days in Dallas, Goodwin was impressive enough on special teams to get invited back for last year. He played all 16 games and led the team in special teams tackles with 10. This offseason, he was an unrestricted free agent but re-signed with the Cowboys for a 1-year deal.  
  • Career Highlight: There weren't a lot of Cowboys highlights that came out of the Bears game in 2019 but Goodwin was able to make three special teams tackles in one game, and also had a tackle on defense, just one of two during the season.  
  • How Does He Make It: His chances of making the roster just got better this week with Maurice Canady's decision to opt out of the 2020 season due to COVID-19 concerns. That's not to say both Goodwin and Canady couldn't make the roster, don't forget that Reggie Robinson II is a fourth-round pick with special teams attributes. It's unlikely the Cowboys would keep three cornerbacks who don't play much on defense right now just for special teams purposes. But if Goodwin continues to play that side of the ball as well as he has in the past, there should be a spot for him on the final roster, one that has been expanded to 55 players.    
  • How He Can Help: Goodwin helps because he's one of the fastest players on the roster. Flying down the field on punts and kickoffs is his specialty. Just getting down the field can be a weapon, often forcing returners to fair catch, which limits field position. Mike McCarthy has said he wants a veteran, smart team and keeping a player such as Goodwin can help with that wish.

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