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NFC East: What Does The Latest RG3 Benching Mean For The Cowboys?

The questions have already started to flow into my inbox – not just before the season is over, but before the guy's benching even officially happened.

You're familiar with the guy in question – Robert Griffin III, or RG3. However you want to classify the NFL's most polarizing quarterback.

On Sunday, the Redskins faced Indianapolis with Griffin sitting on the bench, which marks the second-straight season Washington will go with an unheralded backup over their No. 2 overall draft pick. It seems like eons ago that Griffin consoled Tony Romo in the minutes following the Cowboys' Week 17 loss to Washington to end their 2012 season.

Another benching seems to put the writing clearly on the wall for Griffin – first-year Washington coach Jay Gruden doesn't see RG3 in his long term plans for the franchise.

So, like I said – the emails continue to trickle in. Should the Cowboys take a look at Griffin as a backup for Romo, who will turn 35 before the start of the 2015 season?

Like most of the speculation about famous players winding up in Dallas, I'm just not seeing this. First and foremost, the Redskins would have to either cut Griffin or agree to trade him – for a fee that isn't outrageous. Even if the higher-ups in Washington are convinced Griffin isn't part of their future, it seems crazy to think they'd let him walk without trying to get anything for him.


Obviously, given Griffin's injury history and his track record, Washington isn't bound to get much for him. But since he's playing out a relatively cheap rookie contract, I can't imagine there's a huge impetus to get his salary off the books.

Secondly, my guess is Griffin would want a chance to compete. He might be done in D.C., but he's a mere 24 years old and has shown flashes of ability in his three seasons. It might be good for him to sit behind an incumbent starter like Romo and learn, but my guess is he'd want a crack at a starting job.

That's not going to happen any time in the next three seasons in Dallas, provided Romo is healthy. If given the choice, I'd guess Griffin would prefer a more palatable quarterback situation.

Third, do you even want the circus?

The answer for Cowboys owner/general manager Jerry Jones and this franchise is typically "yes." The Cowboys were unafraid to sign Michael Sam to their active roster, and they haven't been afraid to bring Josh Brent back into the fold. We have seen and we will continue to see rumors about Dallas acquiring Adrian Peterson – despite his legal issues this season.

Adding Griffin to this roster would invite even more scrutiny, in my opinion. Sam and Brent both occupied small enough positions on the team that their impact was negligible following the initial decision to sign them.

That won't be the case with Griffin, who plays the most high-profile position in the sport, is from Texas and won a Heisman Trophy 100 miles south of AT&T Stadium. Not to mention, he would be an injury away from playing time every week. It's the type of situation that could break Twitter if Romo ever struggled or got hurt.

Do the Cowboys need to think about the future of the quarterback position? Absolutely. Romo won't be around forever, his health is under constant scrutiny and it doesn't look like Brandon Weeden is any kind of long term answer.

All of that said, there's got to be a better solution than gambling on a resurgence from RG3 – and all the baggage that would go with it.

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