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Owner Sounds Near Fortunate To Be 2-2 Based On Performance

IRVING, Texas - The Cowboys have won two games by single digits. They've lost two by 20 and 16.

With that, owner Jerry Jones knows his team has to play better to get over this back-and-forth hump that is staring another 8-8 season in the face.

On his morning radio show on 103.3 "The Fan "in Dallas, Jones said his team is rather fortunate to be sitting at 2-2 at the bye week and not with a losing record. While he said he thinks his team can be a better than .500 team, they haven't showed it just yet.

"I'm disappointed that we're not putting more points on the board," Jones said. "I'm disappointed that we're not getting the turnovers. All of that tells me that at 2-2, we're in pretty good shape, considering the way that we've played. I'm not saying we're lucky to be 2-2, but we haven't played any better than 2-2. We can play better, though. That's the good news."

While 2-2 might be close to what most prognosticators had the Cowboys going after four games, the mindset certainly changed after the 24-17 win over the defending-champion Giants in Week 1. It marked the first time in seven years the defending Super Bowl champs lost their home opener.

And it wasn't just the win, but the way the Cowboys controlled that game from start to finish.

But after that Jones, said his team has been somewhat disappointing.

"We didn't play as well against Seattle, a good team – a hard team to beat out there," Jones said. "And certainly, we didn't have the game we wanted to have against Tampa although we won it, and then laid an egg here against the Bears." 

Obviously the road doesn't get easier – literally. The Cowboys face the Ravens and Panthers on the road in consecutive weeks, followed by a return home to face the Giants again. Then it's back on the road against Atlanta and Philadelphia. 

"We know it's not going to be an easy road for us," Jones said. "But that's nothing new. I am confident we can pick it up and get going."

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