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Pick by Pick: Could Ryan Flournoy be an 'X' factor?


FRISCO, Texas – When the Dallas Cowboys went on the clock in the sixth round of the 2024 NFL Draft, they were still without a rookie talent to challenge the depth chart at wide receiver. After all, Brandin Cooks is entering a contract year and Michael Gallup was recently released, the latter creating an opening for a starting role that Jalen Tolbert, as one example, would like to commandeer.

Ryan Flournoy joins the group to make a push for some of those reps as well, however, along with serving duties on special teams as he works to make an impression in his first-ever NFL training camp.

But considering just how insanely athletic Flournoy is, you can bet he'll put his skill set on full display whenever he's given an opportunity to do so.

In the "Pick by Pick" series, we take a look at each incoming rookie and, today, we will discuss what Flournoy brings to the table.

  • Name: Ryan Flournoy
  • Position: Wide receiver
  • School: SE Missouri State
  • Selection: 6th round (216th-overall)

Scouting report: Click here

What He's Bringing: Flournoy is a big, physical receiver whose goal is to often outmuscle and outjump defensive backs en route to making some phenomenal contested catches. Simply put, he is literally one of the best athletes in the entire (not just Dallas') draft class, and his 9.88 grade on the Relative Athletic Scale of 1-10 proves it. He's strong, fast, quick and has the wingspan and catch radius to give cornerbacks nightmares.

Where He's Playing: He is a prototypical X receiver who will fit right into the role vacated by the release of Michael Gallup, the former Cowboy having shades of Dez Bryant in his game — something the current Cowboys' rookie boasts as well, and not coincidentally. You won't see Flournoy taking on much duty in the slot, instead viewed as more of an impact player on the outside, though he'll also put in work to be flexible in that regard.

What They're Saying: And now for a look at what's being said inside of the building after the selection.

VP of Player Personnel Will McClay: "[Ryan] Flournoy is a big bodied receiver that we really like. Big, fast, strong and physical. Really stood out and fit in at the Combine and at the Senior Bowl to show that he belonged with NFL-type players. We think that there is a great upside there."

Executive Vice President and Director of Player Personnel Stephen Jones: "Year-in and year-out … Mike [McCarthy] came in here and said they always took a receiver or two at Green Bay, and we added Flournoy to that group."

Fifth-round pick Ryan Flournoy: "I pay attention to everybody. A lot of people say I play like Dez Bryant. For current players, either DJ Moore or Ja'Marr Chase. There's a lot of great receivers in the NFL, and I'm just eager to learn from them."