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Pick by Pick: Expectations for Cooper Beebe in 2024


FRISCO, Texas – Having selected Tyler Guyton in the first round of the 2024 NFL Draft, the Dallas Cowboys could check one of the boxes off of their offensive line needs list and move on to the next one: the center position. Having traded back on Day 1 to acquire the 73rd-overall pick from the Detroit Lions, they'd address the need by calling on Cooper Beebe.

In doing so, the club effectively turned one first-round pick into two starting offensive linemen, but what exactly does Beebe bring to the table in Dallas?

In the "Pick by Pick" series, we take a look at each incoming rookie.

Today, we will discuss Cooper Beebe.

  • Name: Cooper Beebe
  • Position: Offensive lineman
  • School: Kansas State
  • Selection: 3rd round (73rd-overall)

Scouting report: Click here

What He's Bringing: Brutality. It's the one word that keeps coming to mind when watching what Beebe was able to do at Kansas State. It's his playing demeanor that makes him jump off of the film, because as good as his technique already is, it's the way he actively tries to bury defensive players that will serve the Cowboys exceptionally well, and especially between Tyler Smith and Zack Martin — two bullies in their own right.

Where He's Playing: It seems as if the plan will be to have him begin at center in his first season and then see how things go from there. The good news is he's already taking reps at the position with Duke Manyweather and OL Masterminds, and Beebe has also played center a time or two over the course of his football journey. But considering the Cowboys are currently all set at left and right guard but have a cavernous void to fill in-between the two, yes, Beebe's going to be planted right in the middle.

What They're Saying: And now for a look at what's being said inside of the building after the selection.

VP of Player Personnel Will McClay: "Cooper [Beebe] likes to dirt people. I read last night; whatever that means. Glad he is doing it for us. With his ability and can play the guard position – he's played all over there – and then snap, that ability and that demeanor and that ability – bringing that to the team was something we wanted to do."

Head coach and offensive playcaller Mike McCarthy: "He will definitely be a part of the center competition. Obviously, he has played mostly at guard, but he has played them all. That was part of the evaluation. He is someone we are very, very excited about. His position flex, as you look at today's game with the 17 games and you look at our history, you can't have enough players – let alone linemen – that can play two positions. Yes, he will definitely have an opportunity to compete at center."

Third-round pick Cooper Beebe: "I would say I'm a pretty nasty guy. I'm a dude that tries to 'dirt' people anytime I can but, I'm also a dude that focuses on technique. I have that kind of mindset that I want to dirt dudes anytime I can. So, it's kind of that nasty playstyle."