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Player Mailbag: What Nickname Did Dez Give Terrance Williams?

Wide receiver Terrance Williams sat down with to answer fan submitted questions via the Player Mailbag. Check out his answers below!

Name: William Ashby
Location: Arizona
Question: Who's the toughest corner you have ever faced?

Terrance: Richard Sherman.

Name: Jeremy Fetters
Location: Newport, KY
Question: What is your most memorable moment with the Cowboys so far?

Terrance: Catching the second touchdown vs. the Lions during the Wid Card game.

Name: Rebecca Rivera
Location: Austin, TX
Question: Will you marry me?
Terrance:(laughing) If it was the right situation, maybe.

Name: Victor Fondeur
Location: Dominican Republic
Question: What does it mean to learn the game from a guy like Dez? Has he had a big influence on you since you entered the NFL?

Terrance: It means a lot to me because whenever you come into a sport like this and you have someone like Dez to show you around and teach you some stuff, it makes you feel good because he is such a great football player. Dez was the first person that showed me around and that means a lot coming from him because that's somebody that I looked up to when he was in the league while I was in college.

Name: Juan Herrera
Location: Arizona
Question: If you weren't playing professional football, what job would you pursue?

Terrance: I think I would be trying to coach at the high school level because I love the game so much that if I wasn't able to play I would still like to help younger people.

Name: Diego Neave
Location: Dallas, TX
Question: What's your favorite food?

Terrance: Macaroni and cheese.

Name: Angel Ybarra
Location: Bryan, TX
Question: What's your favorite pair of J's?

Terrance: The Jordan 20s (XX)

Name: Luis Gonzalez
Location: Albuquerque, NM
Question: I'm curious which wide receiver would win a 40-yard foot race between you, Dez, Cole Beasley, Devin Street, Antwan Goodley or one of the other rookies? Thanks T-Will, wishing you the best this season!

Terrance: That's a good one. I think it could go either way depending on who has the better start.

Name: JP Hanlon
Location: Orange County, CA
Question: How old were you when you started playing football and who were your influences in your life that pushed you to be the man and player that you are?

Terrance: I first started playing when I was in sixth grade and then I stopped playing for a few years to play basketball. I picked it back up in high school.

Name: Jake Zehr
Location: New York
Question: Dez calls his touchdown celebration "Throwing Up The X." What do you call your TD move?

Terrance: "The Swag Walk"

Name: Ryan Falcon
Location: Victoria, TX
Question: Who is your favorite Super Smash Bros. character?

Terrance: Dang, that's a long time ago. I gotta got with Mario.

Name: Jaime Rodriguez
Location: Harlingen, TX
Question: Who's your favorite NBA team?

Terrance: The Lakers

Name: Doug Preszler
Location: Belle Fourche, SD
Question: What was your biggest challenge transitioning from college football to the NFL game?

Terrance: In college if you're better than most people on the field, then you can win 99 percent of the time, but in the NFL you have to have better technique than your opponent. Technique is way more important than just your athletic ability.

Name: Marcie Wahrer
Location: Las Vegas, NV
Question: First off, thank you for being such an amazing asset to our Cowboys! What songs or artists get you hyped before a game?

Terrance: I'll listen to Lil Wayne, Future, Rich Homie and Kanye West.

Name: John G
Location: Arlington, VA
Question: I am a receivers coach at a high school and I am often looking for better drills for my players. What type of drills do you recommend to help with judging the ball in the air?

Terrance: Having someone stand next to the receivers and jog down the line while someone else distracts his eyes. It helps you track the ball better with your eyes and it helps you with your hand placement, too.

Name: Derek Finch
Location: Plano, TX
Question: Which away stadium has been your favorite to play at?

Terrance: My favorite stadium to go to is Philadelphia because you are basically alone. It's just you and your teammates.

Name: Patrick Giles
Location: Pittsburgh, PA
Question: Who is a Cowboy you'd have loved to play with from back in the day?

Terrance: Oh yeah, Deion Sanders.

Name: Landry Lee
Location: Longview, TX
Question: Who gave you the nickname "Turn Up Time 83" that you put on the back of your cleats?

Terrance: The nickname started with Dez during my first game. He looked at me said "Turn up time" and it just stuck.

Name: Jason Sonekiao
Location: Euless, TX
Question: What made you pick the No. 83?

Terrance: That was my number when I played at Baylor, so I just decided to keep it.

Name: Lupe Magana
Location: Pasco, WA
Question: What are your favorite hobbies aside from playing football?

Terrance: Playing video games and shopping.

Name: Bucky Brown
Location: Asheville
Question: What would you say is the best part about playing for America's Team?

Terrance: The best part for me is whenever we play bad, people keep talking about you and whenever we play good it's like the whole world loves you again.

Name: Robert Yao
Location: Plano, TX
Question: What are your go-to snacks at gas stations?

Terrance: I gotta get Now & Later's and Gummy Bears.

Name: Scott Huber
Location: New York
Question: Star Wars or Star Trek?

Terrance: Does Star Wars have the character that wears all black? Right? I'll go with that.

Name:Troy O'Brien
Location: Potsdam, NY
Question: What's the deal with #TWillTuesdays?

Terrance: Oh no (laughing). This person just started doing it on Twitter one day and I thought it was pretty cool. It's not like a set thing, but people just find stuff on there to remind me.

Name: Nathan Reisman
Location: Dallas, TX
Question: If you were stranded on an island, what three items would you bring?

Terrance: Dang, that's a tough one. I would bring headphones, a portable TV and my Xbox.

Name:Chris Chin
Location: New Jersey
Question: At the end of the day, what motivates you the most?

Terrance: Whenever people put their trust in me, I always take that to heart and don't want to let them down. So whenever I practice and go out there I know there are different people that are counting on me, so I try my best not to break their trust.

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