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Playoff Scenarios: Tie Goes To The ... Cowboys?


Let's preface this by saying the Cowboys haven't actually had a game finish with a tie since 1969.

Then again, the Cowboys are 6-9, and this season has seen just about everything else, so why not?

But in case the Cowboys finish up the 2020 regular season with the Giants in a tie, it would still give them an advantage over the Giants and the Cowboys would indeed need Washington to lose Sunday night against the Eagles.

In that scenario, the Cowboys win the NFC East at 6-9-1, beating out Washington at 6-10 and the Giants at 5-10-1.

If the Cowboys end up beating the Giants to get to 7-9, a Washington-Philly tie on Sunday night would also benefit the Cowboys. That would keep Washington at 6-9-1, would give the Eagles two ties and they would finish up 4-10-2 and of course, the Cowboys would get in with the better record.

The only way a tie would hurt the Cowboys is in the rare scenario that both of these NFC East matchups finish in ties. That would keep both Washington and Dallas with the same record at 6-9-1 and the Cowboys lose out because they were swept by Washington this season.

But other than that, a tie actually helps the Cowboys – if indeed the season comes down to that.

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