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Possible Pick: Minnesota DT Hageman Passes Eye Test

* (Editor's Note: Heading into the upcoming NFL Draft, held May 8-10, will take a closer look at the prospects, including some that could be potential fits with the Cowboys. Today's featured player is Minnesota defensive tackle Ra'Shede Hageman).*

Name:Ra'Shede Hageman

Position:Defensive Tackle    

College: Minnesota   

Height/Weight:6-6 / 310


Honors: Hageman was a first-team All-Big Ten selection by the media and coaches, and Athlon Sports voted him a third-team All-American. Hageman was named Minnesota's team MVP as a senior this past season.

Key stat:Hageman played in the final 38 games of his career the past three seasons, starting 26 as an upperclassmen. Hageman led the team with 13 tackles for loss and finished second with nine pass deflections. He blocked two kicks last season as well.

Where He's Projected:Hageman is projected right in the Cowboys' wheelhouse at the 16th pick. Some mock drafts have him going earlier than Dallas' selection, but most of them are later and in the early 20's. There are a few mocks that have the Cowboys taking Hageman.

How He Helps the Cowboys:Hageman has massive size – that alone would help the Cowboys' defensive line. But at 6-6, 310, he's not exactly a hole-plugger in the middle this team has needed as he often tries to get upfield. He will help because he takes up space and should get his hand on passes over his head. The Cowboys could use young depth on the line at either the 1- or 3-technique spots. [embedded_ad]

Scout's Take: Had a chance to see this player in person at the Senior Bowl and physically looks the part. Nice size, long arms. Is short in the upper body and long in the lower. Has the build of a defensive end more than that of a tackle. Quick movement with arm over move, can get up field. Will take on block with his hands and work down the line. Much better burst to the ball in the Northwestern game. Could have played with better awareness on the screen. Doesn't find the ball quick enough. Most of his rush is straight bull. Shows the power to push the pocket. Tried to stay active on the double team but still needs to disengage better. Thought he needed to do a better job of fighting the down block. Could have used his size better here. Made it too easy for blocker to handle him. Shows some power at times but not nearly enough. Will attempt to spin out of blocks to try and free himself. Needs to find the ball better, mentioned this on the screen. It will go by him at times. Has some initial pop. Can be physical at the point of attack, will flash. When he takes an inside charge, he can be hard to stop. When he wants to come off the ball, you see this. Tends to play tall at times and will get washed. Needs to do a better job of keeping his pads down. Has the length to get in throwing lanes, knocked down 4 passes in Northwestern and Michigan St games. Can overpower guards on the bull rush. Not the most fluid moving player. Doesn't always redirect quickly. Doesn't always bust his rear. Can play lazy. Is hot and cold when you deal with him one-on-one…athlete. Played spy technique in Northwestern game and grabbed an interception. Can show some initial quickness off the ball and be hard to stop when he is on the edge. Was hooked on the reach block. When uses his hands to play off blocks, he can quickly shed. Plays with upper body power. Alert to jump on fumble. Bothers me that he doesn't always fight when blocked, when I know that he can get off them if he wants to. Could play the one or three but probably more suited for one. Would like this player more if he wasn't so up-and-down in his overall play. Would take him in the top ten if you just studied the Northwestern game only. Should be a better player than he is. Could see a 3-4 team take him and make him a head-up 5 technique. Doesn't always show first round talent and that scares me.

  • Bryan Broaddus
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