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Preseason Live Allows Fans To Watch Cowboys Preseason Games Online


The Cowboys kick off their preseason against the Miami Dolphins on Aug. 4 on NBC, as has been well-documented by now. With a national broadcast to start the slate, it shouldn't be too hard to follow the opener.

That task becomes a bit harder as the preseason continues, however, as the Cowboys' four other preseason games are limited to local and regional broadcasts. With a nationwide fanbase, that's a sizable contingent of Cowboys fans who won't be eligible for regional broadcasts.

Cowboys fans who want to follow the preseason action can avoid that fate with a subscription to Preseason Live, which enables fans to watch all preseason games as they're happening. If you can't catch the game live, Preseason Live also allows for on-demand viewing in either real-time or condensed formats. Fans can order the service specifically for the Cowboys, or there is also a league-wide package.

These services expand into the regular season, as well. A subscription to Game Rewind allows fans to watch every regular season NFL game online in HD, after its original airing. Game Rewind allows for the same real-time and condensed game formats as Preseason Live in a league-wide package that also includes the playoffs and the Super Bowl.

Games from the 2013 season will be made available as soon as they are over, while games played from 2009-2012 are already available. Game Rewind also provides "Coaches Film," which allows subscribers to watch games from the same camera angles used by NFL scouts and coaches to review film.

Cowboys fans outside the U.S. and Mexico can also subscribe to Game Pass, which is an altered version of Game Rewind for international fans that allows users to watch NFL games live in HD with DVR controls.

Last but not least is Audio Pass, which allows fans to listen to the home or visiting radio broadcast of each NFL game live as it's happening.

All four services will allow Cowboys fans to follow the team, regardless of their situation.

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