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Robinson's Market Value A Tough Call

IRVING, Texas --Don't really have a feel yet for what the market might present for outside linebacker Anthony Spencer, the most significant free agent on the Cowboys' roster.

There's similar uncertainty regarding wide receiver Laurent Robinson.

Robinson, who turns 27 in May, had been a part-time starter in four previous seasons with the Rams and Falcons. He has 15 career touchdown catches, 11 of them coming from quarterback Tony Romo in 2011.

Not bad for a guy who got cut by the Chargers at the end of training camp and signed a one-year minimum deal with Dallas just before the season. To me, he became Patrick Crayton 2.0 -- a perfect No. 3 who gained Romo's trust and beat single coverage created by the presence of Jason Witten, Miles Austin and Dez Bryant.

In 2007 the Cowboys re-signed Crayton to a four-year, $14 million contract with $6 million guaranteed. Locking up Robinson in that range would be a cap-friendly deal, but how much will those 11 touchdowns be worth on the open market?

The Cowboys aren't able to negotiate with Robinson until free agency begins, and we all know teams are willing to pay -- many times overpay -- veteran players.

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