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Romo Points Out Both Sides To Meltdowns

In doing a conference call with the opposing media, it's often that players will get regurgitated questions that he's heard before. So naturally, the New England/Boston media wanted to know about these late-game collapses here in the first quarter of the season.

Obviously, Romo took a glass-half-full approach, but did not recognize what has to be eliminated to avoid another fourth-quarter meltdowns.

"You never want that to happen. We were also fortunate to have all the things go right against Washington and against San Francisco," Romo said. "For every game that's the other way, there's another one the other side. Everyone is good in this league. You have to minimize turnovers in key situations. We did that for two of the games and two of the games we didn't. That's really what it comes down to."   

Entering the season, Romo had eight career wins in games in which he entered the fourth quarter from behind. Six times he took his team to the fourth with a lead, but lost.

Well, you can add two to each side so far this year, as every game this year has seen the winner come from behind in the fourth quarter. And in three of those situations, the comeback was from double-digits or more.

And when the happens, the praise and the blame goes to the quarterback. Romo understands that and when asked Wednesday about the pressure of playing this position in Dallas, he said it's probably a league-wide deal.

"Probably the same is there is for being the quarterback for the Patriots," Romo said. "You have to win. We play in a league that is about winning and losing and coming out every Sunday under the pressure and performing. Unless you do that, you're not going to play very long."    

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