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Rookie Free Agent Scouting Reports: 3 O-Line Prospects


*Josh Aladenoye                 Illinois State, OT         *

  • Plays as the left tackle. Was a transfer from Oklahoma.
  • Shows initial quickness off the snap. Does a nice job of getting into his block. Has some shock in his hands when he hits you.
  • Able to kick to the outside on his pass set. Doesn't labor. Gets movement with power. Needs to keep his head out of the block on the inside reach.
  • Got caught reaching and overextending on the wide rusher and his head went down. Was unable to maintain sustain. Much better pass set when he plays out of a two point stance than hand on the ground. Shows some power on the down block. Managed to handle the twist stunt able to pass his man and adjust.
  • Showed the ability to mirror and adjust but had a snap where he was late off the ball and struggled with inside move that was quick. Will try and hunt his man on second level. Plays light on his feet in space. Keeps his feet active.
  • Much better job with his set later and handling the quickness off the edge. Hard man to move if you try and take him down the middle.
  • Could see them trying him inside at guard with his build but didn't look uncomfortable at tackle.

* *

Brian Clarke                       Bloomsburg, G,

  • Lines up as the right guard. Good movement with his feet and foot work. Can adjust on the move. Will bounce outside, inside to secure his block. Good initial pop.
  • There are snaps where he is off balance. Team likes to move the pocket in the passing game so will float in protection. Is going to have to learn how to kick, punch and put himself in position to block.
  • Some drop back later in games I studied but will still need work. Will work to get in the body of his man in the running game. Has the foot work to reach his man. Will get the corner and run with him. Keeps himself between the ball and the defender.
  • Does a nice job of pulling to the edge and logging his man.  Was aware to pick up the blitzer. Does a good job of playing on his feet. Can seal on the down block. Does a good job on the outside with his long pull. Is more than willing to help in pass pro when uncovered.
  • Really like his movement skills but doesn't appear to have much physical size to him. Did bench 33x with the weights on his pro day but don't always see him play that strong. Give him good marks for his ability to work to finish blocks.

*Andre Cureton                  Cincinnati, G                         *

  • Played as the open side or weak guard for the Bearcats.
  • Plays slow footed on tape. Shows power on the down block. Better when he can use his size to wall off his man. Is more catch and control than fire off and try to get movement. [embedded_ad]
  • Takes really small steps when he comes off the line. Struggles when he has to deal with quickness. Will get over extended and knocked off balance. Can be a tick late off the ball.
  • When he can get his guy going, he has a better chance to finish. The longer he has to hold his run block, the more trouble he has.
  • When he wants to play with some nastiness, he can. Will try and be physical. Can make the short pull and get around the corner. Some hesitation when he comes off the ball working to the second level.
  • Hard man to move when you rush him down the middle, is not going anywhere. More hand placement than punch. Plays with some upper body power. When the play starts to break down is when he gets in trouble.
  • Doesn't adjust well to the movement of the twist or blitz upfront.
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