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Scout's Breakdown: Broaddus Takes A Look At DT Brian Price


IRVING, Texas – There have been a number of folks that have asked me what kind of player defensive tackle Brian Price is and if I could provide a scouting report on his body of work and how it relates to his position on this defensive line. So here it is:

Price was signed by the Cowboys as a "futures" player after the 2012 season. He worked out for a couple of teams but was unable to land a job. Price's last game action was with the Chicago Bears and current Cowboys defensive line coach Rod Marinelli. Price was able to get plenty of opportunities in the preseason, sometimes early in the contest. The games I was able to scout him were again Denver, Washington and New York Giants.

Strengths: Played both as a one and three technique in the scheme…majority of his snaps were as the one…does a nice job of fighting up the field…moves well…shows some initial quickness off the snap…can be a problem when he is on the move…plays with upper body power…can get push when he is locked up one-on-one…has a punch…will hold the point when he has to face the double team…when he is on the move, he is a hard guy to reach or cut off because he will just fight through the block…does not stay in just one spot and kill grass…will work down the line and fight blocks…will retrace his steps and get back in on the play if he gets up field…in the Giants game showed more pass rush moves than he did against the Broncos and Redskins…used an arm under move with a spin move to try and free himself and it worked…majority of his good work is done with power…

Weakness:Conditioning….when he gets tired he is a different player…will play too tall and upright which plays right into the hands of the blocker…doesn't come off the ball with the same initial quickness or zip…makes it easy for the bad blockers to handle him…will get walled off and his effort is poor to try and escape…will not redirect or chase the ball the same way when he gets tired…have seen him play with nice [embedded_ad] intensity and other times be just another guy…will need to be more consistent and not such an up and down player…can be a force as that one technique if he is in shape, if not, he will be out on the street again…

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