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Scout's Eye: Closer Look At Prospects From Dallas Day


IRVING, Texas** - Scout's Eye takes a look at three players from Dallas Day:

Kenneth Acker, SMU, CB
5-11 /190 / 4.51

Lined up at left corner back for the Mustangs. Showed the ability to play both in press man and off coverage. On tape, played with outstanding awareness. Aggressive in his approach and the way he handles himself on the field. Is not afraid to tackle and will really drive to the ball to do so. Respect the way he puts himself in position to do so. Will wrap up in space and get his man on the ground. Smooth in coverage. Reactions and smarts make up for his lack of great foot quickness. Has to be good with his hands in order to keep himself in position on the routes. Really solid technique when it comes to defending routes. Will fight the receiver off the line and down the field as the ball is in the air. Has a nice understanding of how to play the fade and keep himself between the quarterback and receiver. Able to work his man wide and away from the ball. Showed awareness to drive on the hitch. Read the route, then broke on the ball. Fought the block on the screen to disengage and make the tackle. Nice job of using his off hand to knock the ball away without climbing the receivers back. Can open-plant-drive on routes. Plays with nice balance and in control. Would not say that he has outstanding catch up speed. Needs to use technique and positioning to play routes. Mike Evans took him on a deep crossing route and there was separation. Was a 2nd team All-Conference corner back in 2013 and would be a solid consideration as a 3rd day player or priority free agent.

Mike Davis, Texas, WR
6-0 / 189 / 4.48

Is a vertical route runner. Shows initial quickness off the snap. There are snaps where he just runs by people. Was the downfield threat for the Longhorns. Will be some times where they use him on screens. Had a nice tunnel screen for touchdown against Ole Miss. Thought he needed to do a better job of selling the double moves on his routes. Offense is not that dynamic. Route tree is not that large. Had a really nice match up against Jason Verrett of TCU. Each player got the best of the other during the game. Made a really nice adjusting catch along the sideline with Verrett right there. Was able to track the ball and get both feet in bounds. Has had some games where he didn't track the ball as well. Might have had some issues in this area because the quarterback play was less than solid and he had to wait on some balls and they were not put in manageable spots. Would not call him a polished route runner. Will need some work in this area. Really no sharpness to them. Tends to run to a spot then turn. Like the way he fights for yardage with ball in hands. Catches the ball in his hands. Will go across the middle. Will catch the with defenders on his back. Plays the majority of snaps on the outside but has that initial quickness to see some work in the slot. Has a nice skill set to work with. Was an Honorable Mention All-Big 12 performer in 2013.   

Kelvin Palmer, Baylor, OT
6-3 / 302 / 5.02

Will line up on both the left and right sides. Is more of an athlete than he is a player that works with power. Moves well. Light on his feet. Can mirror and adjust with the defender. Can shield block well. Is not the type that is going to get great movement when he blocks one-on-one. Is better when he can get in the way, than drive right now. Scheme doesn't require him to really hammer his man. Is able to stay in position with movement but will struggle with his sustain. Plays with some initial pop but lacks some upper body power to control. Will work to extend his hands, if he was a tad bit stronger would be a player that could finish. Will play a little high and tall with the straight legs but not always [embedded_ad] overextended. Have seen him sit down and play with knee flex. Will do his best to keep his head out of his set. Has a feel for how to pass block, but execution will improve. If there was a problem is that he tends to get a little wide when he sets. There were some plays where he did over set and had to quickly adjust back inside but this is where the lack of a power step inside hurts him. Would like to see him get his hands on the rushers a bit quicker. More hand placement than punch. Can mirror his man. Athlete ability makes him a scheme fit as a tackle for the Cowboys. Like Mike Davis from Texas, was an Honorable Mention All-Big 12 performer for the Bears.

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