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Scout's Eye: Lee's Preparation, Prescott in the Pocket, Carr vs. Beckham & More

• Can't say enough about Sean Lee and his preparation for a game. He studied all week how the Giants had success pulling their offensive linemen in the first meeting in order to help their running game. Lee had an idea that Ben McAdoo was likely to try and run the ball in the game the same way, but he was not going to allow that to happen. Each time the Giants tried to pull, Lee was right there reading his keys and finishing the play.

• Dallas defensively was one of the worst teams in the league when it came to three-and-out stops. They came into the game getting opponents off the field only 14 percent of the time. Nine of the 15 Giants drives for the game ended up with them punting.

• The interception that Dak Prescott threw in the third quarter with the Cowboys leading 7-3 was the worst pass that I have seen him throw all season. There would have been nothing wrong with checking the ball down or taking a sack, but trying to force the ball to Dez Bryant was a horrible decision. The way his defense was playing, punting the ball would have put the Giants in a tough situation and would have likely given him another opportunity near midfield. Prescott knew he was wrong and it cost his team.

• I don't want to blame his cast, but Barry Church normally makes those interceptions. I knew that once he returned to the lineup, there was a chance that the turnovers could show up. Church let two get away from him that would have put the offense in prime scoring territory.

• I don't know if Doug Free was that poor or Romero Okwara was that good, but I promise you that this was the best game he has played all season. Okwara had one of those game like David Irving had against the Packers. The film leading up to this game showed a solid player but not an overwhelming one. I really believed that Dallas would have success running to his side in the absence of Jason Pierre Paul, but he was up to the challenge and there wasn't much drop off there.

• Sixty-one of Odell Beckham Jr.'s 94 receiving yards came on one play, which says a great deal about the type of game that Brandon Carr had in that "Star" coverage. Where Carr had his missteps – and we all knew that this was a possible – were on those routes that broke to the inside across the field. That's the strength of Beckham's game, and to the Giants credit, they dialed up the right play at the right time to make the defense pay. Barry Church could have helped him with a tackle initially, saving a touchdown, but he missed and that was the difference on the play.

• Would have been nice for Damien Wilson to be in a breakdown position when Beckham fumbled that punt. Wilson didn't do a good enough job of reading Beckham's struggle to field the ball, and he should have been ready to fall on the ball after it hit Beckham's leg. It appeared that Wilson was surprised that the ball was on the ground at all.

• Two games and two sacks for Benson Mayowa. I had a feeling when the Cowboys signed him in the offseason that maybe he could develop into a legitimate pass rusher, but he has been far from that. When he can capture the edge, he has a chance. When he rushes down the middle, then he is just another guy and that's not good for anyone. For him to end up with six tackles in the game was also a good sign that he is helping more in the running game holding that edge. Maybe things are turning around for him since he sat out those games as a healthy inactive.

• I understand why people are disappointed when Ezekiel Elliott comes off the field on third down because that means that Lance Dunbar goes in. If this is going to continue to be the plan, I would consider activating Darren McFadden and letting him be the third-down back. Teams are going to continue to try to pressure Prescott. This offense will need a stouter blocker and the threat of running the ball when needed. Dunbar gives you everything he can as a blocker, but offensively they are playing with fire here. McFadden doesn't have the finish of Elliott, but he is just as skilled catching the ball and blocking.

• It appears that defensive coordinators are taking the approach of making Prescott play from the pocket like they do with Seattle's Russell Wilson. Maybe when I have a chance to study the tape I will feel different, but there weren't those running lanes that we have seen from other defenses. The Giants kept their ends wide and their tackles along the line, which didn't allow Prescott to just take off and run when his targets were not open down the field. I saw a stat where Prescott was 9-of-21 in clean pocket situations, so that is something I need to check into.

• I thought with Prescott's hand size (10") he would have been able to control the ball better in this cold weather. There were several throws where he missed the mark badly and he appeared as if he didn't have a proper grip on it. There were too many passes where the ball had some shake to it instead of that tight spiral that were are used to seeing from him.

• Coming into this game, the Cowboys had 30 drives that consisted of five minutes. Tonight they had zero.

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