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Scout's Eye: Missed Opportunities, Carr's Work Among Thoughts From Green Bay

1. We can all point to the final offensive snap of the game for the Cowboys as the key one, but lets be honest here, this was a game of missed opportunities from start to finish. Sacks, fumbles, third-down conversions, a missed field goal – just take your pick. All the situations this team faced on the road, they were not able to overcome. When you play a team that has the type of quarterback that the Packers have you cannot give him second chances because you saw firsthand what happens when you do.

2. Brandon Carr should be proud in the way he battled Jordy Nelson today. I honestly wasn't sure that he even had it in him, but he went toe-to-toe with one of the best receivers in the NFL and held him in check. From field level, he was physical when he needed to be and in position when he was off. This last month of the season has been some of Carr's best work. At least the offseason talk will be much more positive in those personnel meetings.

3. Knew that the Packers were going to do their best to protect Aaron Rodgers by running the ball with Eddie Lacy. Where I thought they hurt the Cowboys defensively were on those second-down runs. It was a good mix that kept them in line with down and distance. I thought his play was the difference in this game.

4. Don't know if I will ever see a game where both of the quarterbacks on the field were as talented and tough as what I witnessed from Tony Romo and Rodgers. I was standing on the sideline when Romo made that fourth-and-2 throw to Dez Bryant and it couldn't have been better placed to give Bryant the chance. Just pure guts. On the other side, Rodgers throw on third-and-11 was just as impressive. Two warriors going at it.

5. I am not surprised that the Packers converted on 64 percent of their third-down opportunities. Early in the game the Cowboys had two shots to get them off the field and there was a defensive holding and an offsides, which was disappointing.

6. I haven't questioned many of Scott Linehan's play-calls this season, but that one right before the half had on third-and-1 had me thinking, "what if"? It was a drive where I thought they did a really nice job of pounding the ball to get to that point, so to put the ball in the air just didn't make much sense. If anything, you work more of the clock and get Dan Bailey maybe a little closer for the attempt.

7. In a season where Sterling Moore played a ton of snaps on defense – and for the majority of the time played them well – it was a shame to see him have the type of game that he had. Moore usually plays in such control and awareness, but that wasn't the case at all today. There were too many snaps where he struggled with his technique and these Packers receivers took advantage of him for some big plays.

8. Jeremy Mincey is a heck of a football player. Before the season I gave him little or no chance to even be the full-time starter for this defense, but he proved me wrong. I thought from an overall standpoint this was one of the best games that he played all season. There was nothing left in the tank for Mincey, which is not surprising. His ability to get off blocks in the running game was outstanding, and he was by far the best of any of the defensive linemen during the game. His pressure on Rodgers was relentless with several of those pass-rushes coming close.

9. Bruce Carter and Anthony Hitchens might not have had two healthy body parts when that game ended. I can't tell you how many times I watched both of them come off the field and wondered how much more they had in them. These two played the majority of the game in the nickel, plus it was an all day battle dealing with Lacy and the way the Packers run the ball. I am sure the game film on Monday will show them both around the ball a bunch.

10. I am going to say it now … Terrance Williams is going to have a BIG 2015.

11. Bryant's catch-no catch happened right in front of me, and I have now seen it 100 times and I don't understand why that is not a catch. How about the catch that Randall Cobb makes before the half where the ball clearly hit the ground? That play was reviewed as well. It appears to me that Dez was punished for making one of the most athletic plays that you will ever see.

12. It's tough when the journey ends like this, but it was a heck of a run. Thanks for coming along with me every step of the way. It started in sunny San Diego and ended at historic Lambeau Field. Looking forward to now starting on the offseason and the draft. Hope you check back with me then.

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