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Scout's Notebook: Benford Can't Carry Over Day 1 Success

Some thoughts from the July 26 practice:

  • Disappointed that wide receiver Tim Benford went off the field today because he needed an IV due to the heat. I thought yesterday was an outstanding first day and that was going to carry over. Benford plays much faster than his timed speed and he has a feel for how to get in and out of his cuts. Had a drop on the vertical route where he had Claiborne beat, but the majority of the time, his hands are reliable. The Cowboys front office had a sixth round grade on him on their draft board, so they thought enough of him.
  • I really like these young corners. Thought that Claiborne looked more comfortable today and had some nice battles. Technique looked much better today so I am sure that Jerome Henderson had the chance to coach him a little more on tape from yesterday. Isaac Madison had a nice play yesterday and Lionel Smith is getting good work out of the slot.
  • The Cowboys added running back Ed Wesley from TCU to the running back mix today. Wesley was in the supplemental draft before training camp opened. The problem with Wesley was he wasn't in good shape for his workout and ran a poor 40-yard dash. If you study the tape, he is a good player and in my view a better player than Darrell Scott, who they just released. Wesley is a one-back runner that sees the hole then makes a cut. He has good hands out of the backfield but will need to develop as a blocker. He can be a physical load when he gets to the outside.
  • Stephen McGee is struggling early here in camp throwing the ball. The questions about McGee have always been trying to make him speed up his clock to get rid of the ball quicker and not hold it. Where McGee has struggled is with his accuracy with some of the routes that he is trying to throw. His ball has been high and the receivers are really having to work to make catches.
  • Just watching these young offensive linemen work, I expect to see guys like Pat McQuistan and Jermey Parnell to get plenty of work in these preseason games. Ronald Leary should get plenty of work as well. Jeff Adams, Tyrone Novifoff, Levy Adcock and Harland Gunn will get work too, but to really get a good look at these running backs and wide receivers, McQuistan and Parnell are going to have to carry the load. Feel there is going to be a great deal of pressure when those young guys get in until they learn.
  • Linebackers did a nice job today of reading routes and getting their hands on passes. Only had the one bust where Ed Wesley was able to get in the flat and up the field when Alex Albright got caught inside. Aston Whiteside and Orie Lemon were in position on several routes and were able to defend balls. I haven't noticed Caleb McSurdy much but have a feeling that I will see him more when the pads come on.
  • Sean Lissemore and Tyrone Crawford still continue to be difficult to block. Robert Callaway at nose was having a slow practice then showed a little life in the team period rushing the passer.
  • Teddy Williams is an outstanding athlete and his movement has really improved, but he needs to do a much better job of finishing plays when he has the chance. For the second day, he allowed a ball to get past him. Benford had a chance to make a catch and Cole Beasley made a nice adjusting catch. Williams has to do a better job of making those plays.
  • Safety Justin Taplin-Ross made his second nice play of the camp when he was able to react and drive on a route inside to knock a ball away. Taplin-Ross also had an interception where in man coverage he was able to carry James Hanna up the field, stay in position, adjust and snatch Stephen McGee's pass.
  • Thought that Kyle Orton threw the ball better today than yesterday. There is no doubt about Orton's arm strength, but he also has very good, deep ball touch. Was really impressed with his ability to lay the ball in there for receivers to handle.
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