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Scout's Notebook: New Roles For The Young Linebackers


  • Hearing DeVonte Holloman was back at practice full-time on Wednesday and was getting work with the twos at Will linebacker, while Anthony Hitchens was getting work at the Mike. Sounds like the plan is to have Holloman get some work next week at Mike and Hitchens at Will as these coaches continue to see who might be able to play multiple positions on both sides of the ball.
  • Newly signed defensive end Dartwan Bush jumped right into practice this morning at right defensive end. Bush was a tryout player during the rookie minicamp after the draft. In story I did for, this is what I said about him:

"If I am signing a workout guy out of this group, there is something to this Dartwan Bush from Texas Tech. He lines up at right defensive end and down-after-down he was in the middle of the action. He plays with solid technique and deserves a shot."

Bush is a lot like the defensive linemen that are rolling with the twos and threes on this front that might not have outstanding height, but the motor runs full time. It is one of those signings that might not show up now but in camp, open a few eyes.


  • Without the pads it's difficult to evaluate how well Tyler Clutts and J.C. Copeland are really playing, but one thing that I have noticed is that these quarterbacks are not afraid to throw the ball to Clutts in the flat while they are trying to beat pressure. Usually the option would be down the field to one of these receivers or tight ends but Clutts has shown the ability to work outside and secure the ball when it was thrown in his direction.

We all remember the fumble in the Washington game and I was listening to Nick Eatman interview him and Clutts even made mention of it, that he had to do a much better job when he got those types of opportunities. Copeland hasn't had the ball thrown to him like Clutts has but what I had seen on his film from LSU, he does have soft hands. It's just another skill that these fullbacks need to have to go along with their blocking in this offensive scheme. 

  • Will Smith is one of those linebackers that my gut tells me that will be better in camp once those pads get on. I will say this about him, this kid has a nose for the ball. Each chance I have had to watch him practice, his movement and the route that he has taken to the ball has improved because there was some early work in these camps where he didn't look as smooth and fluid to making the play. He has the traits of a linebacker that has some slippery avoidance of blocks. In college he was very active in the running game. He will bounce off blockers and get to the ball. I also believe that he is becoming more comfortable in pass defense with his drops and his responsibilities of having to carry receivers in his area. You notice him on the field.
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