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Scout's Take: Awuzie At Safety, Best Option At Left Guard; Other Thoughts

FRISCO, Texas –There's not a whole lot to do now except sit and think.

I'm sure you've noticed that as the buzz from offseason practices has died down. The Cowboys are on their summer break, and we're left without much to do except wait for training camp and wonder what this squad is going to look like when practices begin in Oxnard, Calif.

To help pass the time, I figured I'd reach out to you – see what you want to know about. I called for questions and picked out some of my favorites, and the hope is that this will help us pass the time until training camp. If you like it, maybe we'll do it more often.

Anyway, here are your questions – and here are my thoughts.

Broaddus: I really do believe that you're on to something here. I get the feeling talking to folks in the front office that we will see him get some opportunities to line up at safety during training camp. The coaches did the same thing with Byron Jones his first season, then made the full-time move. Awuzie has already shown that he can line up at either corner spot and play in the slot when a tight end is flexed there. I personally believe that Jeff Heath will be the initial starter, but Awuzie could be a part of that rotation. 

Broaddus: I am a huge fan of Maliek Collins and what he can bring to this group. Everyone was talking about the fantastic rookie seasons by Dak Prescott, Ezekiel Elliott and Anthony Brown -- but Collins was just as good. His ability to line up at both the one and the three-technique and create problems is impressive. Not many people can match the power of Zack Martin, but Collins can. If he can cause those types of problems against an elite guard like Martin, then everyone else needs to watch out. Collins was extremely powerful and quick last season, but it appears that he has even improved on that. So there's your potential guy.

Broaddus: What I like about these rookies -- and this goes back from the draft -- they all can cover. If you put guys on the field that can handle that, then you will have opportunities for more pressure packages (linebacker/slot corner blitzes). It appeared that the new guys picked things up quickly, which allowed the staff to work on several of these looks during the OTA/minicamp practices. Keep an eye on this defensive line. They have some athletic tackles and ends now, which now will allow them to play more twist games up front. 

Broaddus: Green would make the most sense if you were looking for a complete player that could do both, but his injury concerns worry me. Bell has the experience, having played the position, but his lack of movement or athletic ability scares me – particularly in the running game. Cooper is physically the strongest of the players and has the experience, but he's limited as an athlete -- which wasn't the case in college, before his injuries. But he has some complete player aspects and the fact that he can help now as a center makes him valuable. 

Broaddus: I love this question because it makes me think outside the box. I would love to see Dak Prescott line up at strong side linebacker. At 6-2, 238 he has the frame to do it. I also think he has the mental and physical toughness to take on blockers, shed and make tackles. I'm not sure he'd be good in pass coverage when he drops, but if he could keep things in front of him he has a chance.

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