Training Camp | 2021

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Scout's Take: Quinn Using The K.I.S.S. Approach


OXNARD, Calif. – After watching the first practice of training camp, a few things stood out more than others.

With anything, it always starts with the quarterback and this year, with this team, is no exception.

Here are some things that caught my eye on the first day:

Dak is back.

The Cowboys' training camp is buzzing with No.4 back in the saddle at quarterback. Prescott was in command of the huddle as the team's QB1 and the unit's confidence certainly flowed with the newly minted quarterback tossing the ball around. Although the veteran quarterback missed the mark on a few throws, the mere presence of No.4 adds some pop and sizzle to an offense that could be unstoppable this season. If Prescott continues to shake off the rust at a reasonable pace, the Cowboys' offense could pick up where it left off in 2020, and that is a scary thought for the rest of the league.

Organized chaos will produce big plays this season.

Mike McCarthy has consistently directed offensive units with a knack for creating big plays on broken plays. Part of his teams' success has been due to their commitment to choreographing those impromptu plays on the practices. On Day 1, the Cowboys devoted a couple of periods to a scramble drill that enabled the quarterbacks and receivers to get on the same page on scrambles. Prescott, in particular, worked hard to find his receivers on a handful of scrambles during the period. The combination of No.4 dropping dimes down the field to receivers scooting across the field to get into his line of sight. With Prescott also finding his receivers on a few vertical throws while fleeing the pocket, the Cowboys' chaotic period could produce big results in-game action.

Dan Quinn intends to K.I.S.S the Cowboys' opponents

It doesn't take long to appreciate the simplicity of the Cowboys' defense. The veteran defensive coordinator is adhering to the "Keep it Simple Stupid" premise enables players to play fast and free from mental clutter. As a result, the defense looks noticeably faster on the grass. Part of the increased speed and explosiveness from the unit can be attributed to the simplicity of the scheme and the infusion of young athletes into the lineup. With more reps and experience in a system that is easy to learn, the Cowboys' defense should improve with players making fewer mistakes and hustling to the ball.

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