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Scouting Report: Breaking Down Cowboys' Five Undrafted WR Signings

IRVING, Texas – Lost behind all the running back talk is the surprising fact that Dallas did not address the loss of Dwayne Harris during last weekend's NFL draft.

They seem to have rectified that in their undrafted free agent signings, however. Of their 15 undrafted signings, five play wide receiver and contend for a job as both the Cowboys' No. 5 receiver and as key special teamers. Harris caught just seven passes for 117 yards in 2014, but his value in kick coverage, punt coverage and as the team's main return man can't be understated.

Here are five short scouting reports on his potential replacements:

George Farmer USC

Protects the ball when running the slant. Will use a stiff arm to get separation after the catch. Not much initial quickness or power off the line when facing press. For his size, he should do a better job coming off the line. Will come back to the ball. Able to get his feet down on the sideline. Works to get open. Good on the option route. Will take his route across the middle. Can make contested catches. Has natural hands. Plays with body control. Will need some serious work on his routes. Like to see more consistency in those routes. Adjust to the ball down the middle of the field. Will go get the ball. Would think that he would separate better with his speed but there are snaps where he just doesn't. Physically gifted player.

Antwan Goodley   Baylor

When he plants his outside foot, he can explode inside on the slant. Will take his routes underneath and make the catch. Able to adjust to low ball. Will physically fight to buy space in routes. Used on vertical routes. Scheme doesn't have many routes in the tree. There are snaps where he drops some simple passes. Concentration issues, especially in the Texas game. His lack of height hurts him when he has to adjust to the ball that goes outside of his catching radius. Doesn't always separate in routes. Would like to see him snatch the ball better. Times where you do see him trap the ball along his body. Not sure he can really make the contested catch consistently due to this. Is always looking to finish the play. Can make some moves in the open field. Plays where he and the quarterback were not on the same page when it came to routes and delivering of the ball. Will work to find space when the play breaks down.

Deontay Greenberry      Houston

Will come back to the ball and high point the ball. Inside on the slant, able to adjust to the high ball. Can run through tackles. Would not call him an accomplished route runner. Works his way up the field then looks for space. Nice job of catching the ball on the move. Will snatch the ball and head up the field. Doesn't have breakaway speed but is very physical with the ball in his hands. Will catch the contested ball and take the big hit. Not the quickness off the line. Aware where he is on the field. Nice job of getting his feet down in the end zone. Able to keep his balance in the open field. Will run some routes out of the slot but not his real strength. Majority of his routes are in the inside of the field. Plays like he is a tough kid.

Nick Harwell      Kansas

Short stepper with initial quickness. Can play out of the slot. Catches the ball in his hands. Quick on the out-cut, able to work the sideline with his feet. Nice job of catching the ball in space. More quickness than speed. Catches more screens than downfield routes. Can go low to adjust to the ball along the ground. Really good on the option routes. Knows how to find space. Can make some incredible adjusting catches. Aware of the situation and where he is on the field. Nice job of tracking the ball down the field. Jack of All Trades receiver. Not much help from his quarterback. Not going to wow you with speed, but he is as reliable as they come when it comes to catching the ball.

Lucky Whitehead            Florida Atlantic

Small but quick. Screen player. Tunnel. Balance with quickness. Good on the option routes. Separation. Plays out of the slot. Will run the slant and not afraid. Quarterback has trouble getting him the ball. Will line up as a running back. Stop-start quickness. Has to create space on his own. Will snatch the ball on the outside. Had a miss on a low ball. Is often open. Can be dynamic in the open field with the ball in his hands. Always looking to make a big play. Does a nice job of staying on his feet. Has a nice feel as a punt and kickoff return man.  Has the vision to see the holes. Has the ability to make people miss in space. Is scary in the way he catches the ball at times but manages to make it all work.

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