Scouting Report: Grading The Tape On Both New Linebacker Signings

Name:Darius Eubanks
College:Georgia Southern
Weight: 227
NFL Draft:Undrafted in 2013, signed by Minnesota

Games Studied: 2013 with Cleveland Browns, vs. Jacksonville, Pittsburgh, New England

Report:Was a safety in college at Georgia Southern, converted to linebacker during his first season in the league. He has started games for the Browns but has mainly been on and off practice squads during his career.

The film shows that he plays with football intelligence. He wasn't out of position much, and he has a feel for where he needed to be. Showed range and a burst to close. Put himself in position to finish. Nice lateral quickness. Could cover some ground. You see those safety instincts at linebacker.

He's a loose player with his movement, especially when changing directions. Can plant and go. Is not going to wow you with his upper body strength or power. Gets by playing on the move. But he is not the type that can go toe-to-toe and make things happen. I thought he needed to do a better job of playing with his hands. There were snaps where he wasn't as good with them and it allowed blockers to get on his body.

Showed the ability to strike when he was free and in position to make tackle, but he would struggle with his balance when locked up. It's just hard for him to control the blocker, but he works hard to get to the ball. Can make things happen when he gets in position – and he will finish.

Eubanks is athletic enough that he has the range to cover. Asked to carry backs out of the backfield, and he did not look uncomfortable at all performing this task. More man coverage assignments than zone ones. Used as a blitzer, but I would not say it is one of his strengths. Just doesn't have the power to make things happen when he attacks the pocket. Gets knocked off balance. Not slippery playing this way.

His best trait is his ability to run to the ball and play in coverage. More of an outside player than in.

Name:Henoc Muamba
College:St Francis-Xavier
NFL Draft:Undrafted in 2014, signed by Indianapolis

Games Studied: 2014 with Indianapolis Colts, vs. New York Jets, New York Giants, New Orleans

Report:Was a first overall selection in the Canadian Football League by the Winnipeg Blue Bombers in 2011. He was then signed by the Indianapolis Colts in 2014. Played two seasons with the Colts before going back to the CFL and Montreal.

Undersized but square as a player. Does a really nice job of finding the ball. Can finish as a tackler. Physically tough for his size. Can take on blockers and shed to get off blocks. Good initial burst and quickness. Range to get all the way to the outside and finish along the sideline.

Was able to run Michael Vick down to the edge in space and get him before he grabbed the corner. I have also seen him get to the outside and be just a tick late. Very good lateral quickness and burst. But I would not say that he is a fluid moving player. There is some tightness when he has to change direction and you see this in coverage.

Body control can be hit and miss. Some snaps where he ended up on the ground more to his doing than a blocker's. Has some power in his body. Some snap to his game. Can be physical at the point of attack. Plays with some hand strength and explosion. Fills the hole with some power. Doesn't get knocked back. Stout. Will finish as a tackler. Wrap up and gets man on the ground.

Coverage is not one of his strengths. The movement just isn't there. Can blitz him all day and he will find ways to the quarterback. Had a sack against the Saints on a blitz off the edge. Attacks the pocket with power. Zone drops are all over the place. Just doesn't have the feel. Rips at the ball as a tackler. Caused a turnover in the Giants game just taking the ball from the running back.

Best trait is his ability to see ball, then go get ball. Knows how to get there.


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