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Scouting Report: Grading The Tape On Newly-Signed LB James Morris

Name: James Morris
Position: LB
College: Iowa
Height: 6-1
Draft: Undrafted in 2014, signed by New England

Games Studied: 2015 with New York Giants vs. New Orleans

Report:  Smart, tough and instinctive player. Looks shorter on tape than he does in person.

Has some thickness to him. Competes to get to the ball. Plays the game with the right mental attitude. Timed speed is very good. There are times where you see him use it and other snaps where you see him a tick late to the ball.

He will finish the play when he gets there. Was a wrap-up tackler in the games I studied. Puts his head across the ball carrier and gets him to the ground. There is some range to his game. Caused a fumble against the Saints chasing the ball to the sideline.

Not a stiff-moving player in coverage. Will turn his hips and burst to the ball. Plays with awareness in zone. Knows where he needs to fit. Plays on his feet. Doesn't get knocked around. Plays with his hands. Compact build with playing strength. Will fill and take on in the hole.

Can anchor down to take on blockers. See the motor/effort/pursuit in his special teams work. Lines up at all spots. L4 on the kick off team. One of the first men down the field. Nice blocker on the punt return.

Can hold his man up with grabbing them. Stays in position. Right tackle on the kickoff return. Similar effort and technique of keeping his man from the ball. Right wing on the punt team. Better athlete on tape than I thought he would have been.


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