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Scouting Report: Luke McCown Shows Good Accuracy & Decision Making

Name:Luke McCown
College:Louisiana Tech
Draft:Drafted in the fourth round of the 2004 NFL Draft (106th overall) by the Cleveland Browns

Games Studied: 2015, for the New Orleans Saints, vs. Carolina (regular season), New England, Green Bay (preseason)

  • Luke is the brother of Josh McCown, who is currently with the New York Jets. Like his brother, has had a much travelled NFL career -- now on his sixth team.
  • Did not play during the 2016 NFL season.
  • McCown appears to compete at a high level. He gave his teammates a chance to win his only start of 2015 season against Carolina. He was outstanding in that game. Moved the team well. This is not a dink-and-dunk quarterback. He is willing to take shots down the field.
  • Physically tough to hang in the pocket to deliver the ball. He can make throws on the move to his left and right. I was surprised at how well he threw to his left for such a tall guy. He was able to get his shoulders around and square up to hit his target. Did not labor to get out on the edge.
  • His accuracy and touch was where it needed to be. There were only a couple passes in the Carolina game where the ball was down near the turf. The receivers weren't having to work for the ball. The outs and crossing routes were where they needed to be. Gave his guys a chance on the move.
  • McCown showed accuracy both inside and outside the numbers. He threw several balls over the top where receivers were able to haul them in. The ball gets out of his hand quickly on the slant. He has touch on the swing, wheel and screen routes. He has the patience to allow routes develop and execute.
  • He has mobility in pocket, can avoid initial rusher to buy a second chance. Not perfect technique with his feet to set up. He tends to throw with a wide base or off his back foot when pressured.
  • Good awareness in the pocket. Not going to move into a sack.
  • Dependable ball handler. Not going to oversell the fake, but they did use him on boots and waggles where he can throw in open space.
  • I didn't feel like he was trying to force the ball in coverage. Decision making was not a handicap. Not the type to mess things up but has never been able to sustain enough to keep a starting job.    


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