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Scouting Report: New LB Elliott Will Contribute To Pass Rush & Special Teams

Name:Jayrone Elliott
Draft: Undrafted in 2014, signed with Green Bay

Games Studied: With Green Bay, 2016 regular season vs. Seattle, Dallas; 2017 preseason vs. Philadelphia, Washington


  • Elliott played as an outside linebacker and situational rusher in the Packers' 3-4 scheme.
  • Long, rangy build. His arm length helps him control blockers. He's at his best when he can extend his arms to disengage.
  • It takes him a little time to get going when running, but he can cover some ground when he gets up to speed. Long strider.
  • He has the range to get to the outside or chase across the field from the backside.
  • There is a little stiffness in the way he moves, but it doesn't cause him many problems. He can redirect just fine.
  • He had a nice sack against the Seahawks last season, where he was able to capture the edge before the tackle had a chance to react.
  • The Packers used him in line games and stunts in order to free him up on the rush.
  • He will stay square when the ball comes his direction. He plays his technique and will slide down the line to help.
  • This is not an out-of-control player. He wasn't fooled by Seattle's read-option attack. Responsible to his assignments.
  • Elliott does a good job of finding the ball. He can finish when he gets in position, and he will wrap up as a tackler. Physical.
  • He can retrace his steps when he gets up the field. He will fall back inside to make the play.
  • A big part of the reason Elliott is here is that he plays special teams. He lines up at L3 on the kickoff. He is a blocker on the punt return team. He's also on punt team as the right guard and field goal rush.
  • Size and length helps him in all phases. Did a nice job of holding up his man on the punt returner.
  • I think he will be used as an outside linebacker for the Cowboys with the idea of using him as an occasional rusher. Doesn't have the quickness of Kyle Wilber but more power. Both have the ability to finish.  
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