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Scouting Report: New LB Toomer Strong In Coverage


IRVING, Texas – The Cowboys continued their attempt to improve their roster depth on Monday afternoon with the addition of Korey Toomer. The third-year player never made it to the field in the regular season for Seattle, but he showed promise – particularly at the tail end of this past preseason.

Here's my report based on that tape"

Games Studied: Chicago, Oakland -- Preseason '14

  • Best suited to play on the strong side of the formation. His best trait is his ability to extend his arms and control the blocker. He can strike with his hands and quickly get off the block while on the move. It was rare to see him get stuck on a block.
  • Has some sideline-to-sideline range to his game. Shows some acceleration and a burst. Is able to carry that burst to the outside. Can close from the backside when the ball goes away from him.
  • Will extend his hands and drop his hips to handle the blocker. Has some upper body power and snap in the way he plays. I can see some shock to his game. Can play on his feet when he makes contact with the blocker. Did not see snaps where he was knocked off balance. Can shed blockers and find the ball. 
  • Had no issues with the way that he tackled – he's physical in this area. Can wrap up and bring his man to the ground. Technique was good. Not a side or cloth tackler.
  • Looked comfortable in his drops. Was able to carry tight ends off the line or when he was backed off the line. Showed discipline in the way he dropped in zone. Played aware. Did not see him out of position or struggling to maintain his position in-route. [embedded_ad]
  • Toomer is smart in how he was reacting to what he was seeing. Was not fooled by play fakes -- his eyes took him to the ball.
  • Did not have many opportunities to rush as a blitzer because of his responsibilities in coverage. I felt like, with his awareness and ability to play with his hands, he might have a chance to have some success if he was asked to rush. Has a feel for how to get to the ball. 
  • Played special teams as the R3 (3rd man from kicker) and on the punt return. Did a good job of staying in his lane covering kicks. Had a tackle against the Bears where he avoided blocks as he was running down and was able to adjust on the move to make the tackle. Was able to hold up his man on the punt return. Got his hands inside then worked his feet in position to secure the block.
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