Scouting Report: New OT Cleary Has Guard/Tackle Position Flex

Name: Emmett Cleary
Position:  OT
College: Boston College
Height: 6-7
Weight: 324 
Draft: Undrafted in 2013, signed with Indianapolis

Games Studied: 2016 preseason with New York Giants, vs. Miami, Buffalo, New England

Report: Cleary has bounced around the league, on and off practice squads during his career.

He has shown the ability to play both as a guard and tackle, but his best position in my opinion is as a tackle. He can be a narrow-based player. His feet will come together and make it hard for him to move or adjust. He's more of a hand placement blocker than one that punches his man. He will carry hands low, place and then work to reset inside.

There are snaps where you see the defender get his hands inside on his chest before he has a chance to react. He's not going to get much movement at the point, but he will sustain his man. He's on the edge when it comes to his balance -- did a better job of this against the Patriots than the Dolphins. He also tends to get overextended, which gets him in trouble as a blocker.

When his head goes down, the rest of his body follows. He has a hard time moving when this happens. Initially a stiff-moving player. It takes him a little time to get going. Not an ideal backside cut off guy because of his lack of initial quickness, as he tends to play slow-footed. He has a hard time getting his head across the defender, and he will go to the ground at times.

For a man his size, he doesn't play with much power. He has a hard time when defenders go inside on him and cutting them off with a power step. Tends to play on one leg and then it's a fight to stay in position.

I would not consider him the most athletic of the current group. Technique is not ideal but effort and desire to finish is. Gives the squad, he has the ability to line up a two spots but for just a short period of time.   


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