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Scouting Report: New QB Dysert Makes Up For Arm Strength With Football IQ

Name: Zac Dysert
College: Miami-Ohio
Weight: 223
Draft: 7th round in 2013, selected 234th overall by Denver

Games Studied: 2016 preseason, with Miami, vs. Dallas, New York Giants, Atlanta, Tennessee

Report:Dysert has made several stops throughout his career. He has been on and off active rosters and practice squads in Denver, Chicago, Houston, Buffalo and Miami.

This is a competitive player that has an NFL quarterback frame. He has the physical toughness to hang in the pocket and take a hit, and he has the football intelligence to understand where the sticks are and work to convert. For his size, he lacks true NFL arm talent. The ball tends to die on him. He's a better under and intermediate passer than down the field. He threw a terrible interception against Tennessee in the red zone where he just couldn't get enough on the ball to get it to the open receiver in the end zone. He also had other passes that were short and not on the mark.

He tends to make his receivers work for the ball down the field. He's good when he can slide forward in the pocket and get momentum to make the throw. He made some good throws inside the numbers. The Tennessee interception was him moving to his right throwing the ball but there were some others boots/waggles when he was good getting the ball to the receiver on the move.

You see some accuracy struggles under duress. He had a hard time converting third downs against the Falcons -- just couldn't get the ball to the receivers. Overall, his decision making was good – the interception was due more to lack of arm strength. Dysert knows where to go with the ball but sometimes he just can't get it there.

He appears to process information well. There were snaps where he held the ball too long waiting for receiver to get open, but he knew what he was doing. He played under center and in the shotgun for the Dolphins. There is nothing special about his drop or footwork. He's a very good ball handler and faker – has some deception to his game. He will scramble to avoid, but he's not going to run away from defenders or break tackles. Not going to improvise or force the ball. Played the second half of the majority of these pre-season games.  


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