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Scouting Report: New WR A.J. Jenkins Has Good Tape Despite Struggles

Name:A.J. Jenkins
Position:Wide Receiver              

Games Studied: Kansas City 2014 vs. Denver, New England, San Francisco, San Diego, New York Jets, Buffalo

Nice quickness off the line when he had the opportunity to run those types of routes where he was going down the field. Was mainly used as a screen and slant route runner. Coaches did their best to try and get the ball into his hands quickly and let him create on his own.

Jenkins did an outstanding job shaking loose of tacklers in the Chargers game and nearly taking a screen to the house – but he stepped out of bounds. He shows some initial quickness with the burst. From what I observed, he only had one opportunity where he went on a vertical route where he had a chance to separate but he didn't.

It was amazing how many poor passes that he had to adjust to from Alex Smith. Even with the screens, he had to adjust back with his body to make catches. Worked hard to make the catch. Has no issues trying to catch the ball in a crowd. Limited run after catch with the exception of the Chargers game. Didn't appear to fight the ball when it came in his direction – again made some soccer goalie type of plays. Will extend to catch the ball away from his body.

I would say that his catching radius is wide. Did not see many snaps where he was used as a blocker. Would line up tight to the formation or in a bunch formation – was even used out of the backfield on some running plays to the corner.

I'm not quite sure why he has had the issues catching on with the 49ers or Chiefs. I have seen receivers on the street that have far worse talent than him. Appears to be a flyer that is worth taking a chance on just from the snaps that I was able to see in these games. Surprises you with the plays that he makes due to the numbers of passes he sees.  

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