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Scouting Report: What Does New Fullback Olawale Bring To The Table?

Name: Jamize Olawale 
Position: Full Back
College: North Texas
Height: 6-1
Draft: Signed undrafted with Dallas in 2012

Scouting Report:

  • After releasing him, the Cowboys put him on their practice squad for 13 weeks during the 2012 season.
  • He was signed off the practice squad by the Oakland Raiders in Week 14 of that year, and he's been there ever since.
  • He saw limited offensive snaps for the Raiders, primarily playing on special teams. He was used in front of Marshawn Lynch in short yardage situations and when they wanted a big back to chip on the edge in pass protection.
  • Olawale is a much better run blocker than he is a pass protector. He will hit square on the defender, keeping his feet moving on contact in the running game. He doesn't always put himself in great position as a pass blocker. He just didn't appear to have an understanding where he needed to fit. Execution was poor. 
  • He shows the ability to stay with his man as a lead blocker. Blocks on a track. He's not as good when he has to adjust, especially as a pass blocker.
  • Body control can be off when he's on the move. When on the track, he gets the job done. Plays with upper body strength and pop. Can get movement.
  • He is a steady runner with the ball in his hands. His best runs were when he could get the ball from a running start, going downhill. This way gives him a chance to make a cut. Most of his runs are straight ahead. He can be physical with the ball in his hands. 
  • Olawale is not going to line up wide like Keith Smith, but he catches the ball well enough. He has soft hands to bring it in underneath or in the flat. He is reliable in this area.
  • Like Smith, he plays on the majority of the special teams. He is the R4 on the kickoff team. He is the guard on the punt team and the center in the second wedge on the kickoff return. His effort as a blocker and cover man is good. Doesn't take plays often in this area.
  • I would describe him as tough-minded but not on the level of Smith and that could hurt them.
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