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Scouting Report: What Does New OL Signee Damien Mama Bring To The Table?

Name: Damien MamaPosition: OG/CCollege: USC Height: 6-3Weight: 342Draft: Signed undrafted with Kansas City in 2017

Games Studied:2017 preseason, with Kansas City, vs. San Francisco, Cincinnati, Seattle, Tennessee

Scouting Report:

  • Mama spent the preseason with the Chiefs and eventually wound up on their practice squad. The New York Giants signed him late in the 2018 season, but he did not stick with the club.
  • Lined up at both guard spots and has also played some center, as well. I thought he had better snaps playing center than he did at guard.
  • Shows some initial quickness off the snap. Will work his head across the defender for the cut off block.
  • Can get some push in the running game mainly due to his mass. Works hard to get his hands inside on the defender. If he has a problem, it's when his base gets narrow and the defender throws him off balance. When an opponent has quickness that causes him some problems as well.
  • His base tends to get a little wide on his initial pass set. Will work his feet back into position once he feels movement from the defender. Ability to adjust. He needs to set his feet a little quicker to keep his man along the line. The further he has to hold his block the worse his technique becomes.
  • He is aware to help when uncovered. Has some pop in his hands. Has to be careful not to become over extended on has pass set.
  • Used as a puller. Not smooth moving. Will get around the corner but tends to be off balance and looking for someone to hit.
  • Mauler/brawler type of blocker.
  • Rusher can break him down if he doesn't get his hands inside quickly enough.
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