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Scouting Report: WR Thompson Has Impressive Speed, Solid Hands

Name:Deonte Thompson
Position:Wide Receiver
Draft:Signed undrafted with Baltimore in 2012

Games Studied:With Chicago, vs. Tampa Bay in 2017; with Buffalo, vs. Tampa Bay, New York Jets, Indianapolis and New England in 2017.

  • In a funny twist, his two best games of the season were both against Tampa Bay – he played the Buccaneers as a member of both the Bears and the Bills.
  • I was impressed with his playing speed. He shows the ability to separate as he gets down the field.
  • He puts some pressure on the defensive back and their cushion. He can cover some ground when running. Some of his best routes are deep across the field.
  • Nice body control and balance. He had to make some adjusting catches where the ball was in terrible position.
  • He will leap to go get the ball, and he can really go up the ladder to grab it.
  • This is a consistent route runner. He is not one of those guys that's all over the place.
  • Perhaps the best play I watched was a 34-yard reception in a driving snow storm against Indianapolis. Tracked the ball all the way into his hands.
  • His hands appear dependable. Catches to targets are good.
  • He will extend himself to make receptions.
  • He made a couple of really nice plays in the red zone. He is able to free himself off the line, then grab the ball.
  • For the opportunities he received, he didn't disappoint.
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