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Senior Bowl Preview: Three Skill Players To Keep An Eye On In Mobile

IRVING, Texas – Our Senior Bowl coverage kicks off from Mobile, Ala., in exactly a week, and there's no shortage of talent on hand for the Cowboys to evaluate.

This year will be different from any trip in recent memory, as the Cowboys' coaching staff is working this year's game. Rather than merely evaluating the talent on hand, the staff will have five days of hands-on experience with some of the best players in the country.

With that in mind, I decided to take a look at some of the players I'm most intrigued to watch, starting today with some skill players I have my eyes on.

Let's take a look:

Name:Josh Doctson   
40 Time:4.55

Report:Competitive receiver. Shows start-stop quickness. Knows how to come back for ball. Will sit down in coverage, aware. Arm over to escape on jam. Will show a burst in the route. Plays with lateral quickness. Can sell a route. Easy of movement. Will lay out for ball. Will adjust to the low ball. Can break tackles after catch. Will high point the ball. Can find the ball in the air. Foot work not always sound. Can make big plays down the field. Will go up and get it. Will go inside for the ball. Understands the situation and thrives in it. Body control in tight space. If you bang on him has some trouble. Inside routes problems. Might have problems against man. Better player with free access. Clutch player and production. Natural hands with the ability to catch in them. Big catching radius. Will make the extended catch. Able to adjust his route and make a play on the ball.   

Name:Kenneth Dixon
College:Louisiana Tech
40 Time:4.54

Report:Plays with physical toughness. Thick build. Plays with explosive quickness and balance. More quickness than speed. Can accelerate and burst. Plays with some short area foot quickness. Does a nice job of playing on his feet. Catches the ball well on the move. Can make defender miss. Good hips and change of direction. Plays with upper and lower body power. Can break tackles. Will work to finish. Hard to tackle. Aware cut blocker on the edge. Vision to see the holes. Runs tough. Can get to second level in a hurry. Spin move to get space. Can create opportunities. Some elusiveness to his game. Runs with his pads down. Good ball security. Can make plays in the passing game down field. Has a similar running style like Devonta Freeman of the Atlanta Falcons.

Name:William Jackson III
40 Time:4.52

Report:Nice size and length for a corner. Has the size to line up with most receivers. Very physical. Likes to play with his hands. Will line up as the field corner. Short strider with quick feet. Plays with a burst and acceleration. Shows catchup speed and recovery. Is not going to give up much quickness wise. Beaten on the double move and able to rally back to the ball. Able to knock the ball away. Has the footwork to cut his man off man in route. Reactionary athlete. Able to plant and drive out of his pedal. Aware player in off coverage. Can key and diagnose but there are snaps where you see him guess or gamble on routes. Good body control and balance. Understands how to position himself in order to get hand inside and knock ball away. Fights to keep contact. Position to play with his off hand. Will play the ball down the field. Had five interceptions for the season. Knocked away seven passes in the Temple game this season. Awareness on the switch route. Tackled better in the Florida State game but there are plays where you see him lower his head and it puts him in a bad position.   

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