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Sensabaugh Bounces Back After Early Gaffe

MINNEAPOLIS – When the Cowboys played the Vikings two years ago in the NFC Divisional Playoffs, one of the most memorable plays was Gerald Sensabaugh giving up an early touchdown pass to Sidney Rice on a player the safety never seemed to even look for the ball.

In Saturday's preseason game with the Vikings, more of a dress rehearsal for the regular season, Sensabaugh was once again involved in a similar play. This time safety counterpart Abram Elam was also back there, but neither could make a play on the ball, allowing Bernard Berrian to haul in a 49-yard touchdown for the Vikings' first score.

While the ball went through Elam's hands at the goal line, Sensabaugh was beaten early in the route.

" I gave up a big one early in the first drive," Sensabaugh said.  I was trying to make a play, but I got double moved. I just tried to respond back from that, make a play and keep on rolling."

Sensabaugh at least did that. Later in the second quarter, the veteran safety made a huge play on special teams, hurdling the line of scrimmage to block a field-goal attempt. After the ball was kicked backward some 30 yards, Alan Ball finally recovered it for a 20-yard touchdown.

"The blocked field goal, they had me jumping over the center. It was something me and Joe D [DeCamillis] have been working on for four years," Sensabaugh said. "I'm able to block them in practice, but I haven't gotten too many of them in the game. It was pretty good to get one in the game and give our team some momentum."

But Sensabaugh wasn't done yet. On the next Vikings possession, he picked off a pass that got deflected by Jason Hatcher. Sensabaugh made a diving grab just off the turf.

"On the interception, the guys did a good job of covering, and it was a tipped ball up in the air," he said. "I just tried to sprint to the ball and make the catch and secure the ball.

The Cowboys took over after that pick and drove down for a Felix Jones touchdown. So while Sensabaugh contributed to allowing a score, he directly helped provide 14 points in return.    

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