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Show Leftovers: Where Has Dez Improved?

With only one hour-long broadcast per week at this point in the offseason, our e-mail questions often get missed on the Talkin' Cowboys and Cowboys Breakonline radio shows. But all questions are appreciated and we'll try to answer them in some form or fashion on Bryan Broaddus answered a few that didn't make the air this week.


Has Dez Bryant improved his route running?

Broaddus: You will hear me talk about Dez running his routes with purpose. They are much tighter and on point. He has been able to carry things he does in position drills with Jimmy Robinson to the actual team period against Brandon Carr. You see the confidence that Romo has in throwing him the ball because he is where he needs to be. It's a good sign.


Hey Bryan, from the things you said about Matt Johnson, he's a pretty good all-around player. So why wasn't he one of the highest-rated safeties in the draft? What's his weakness?

Broaddus: I think there are some scouting services that are frankly lazy with their coverage. Nobody wants to take the time to watch a player from Eastern Washington when they can watch some stiff from some major program because he was a name. Teams knew about Matt Johnson. He was a productive player that was always around the ball. Look at his career numbers for interceptions and that will tell you a lot. I remember Darren Sharper at William & Mary – always around the ball and was picked by the Packers in the second round but I don't remember him being that highly thought of. Matter of fact, there were 14 defensive backs that were taken ahead of him. If Johnson does have a weakness, he is too physical of a player and will go for the big hit and not the wrap-up tackle. This is something that doesn't happen a lot, but I have seen it.


I was thinking about it yesterday, and I'd feel pretty comfortable if Tony Romo missed one or two games this season with a seasoned vet like Kyle Orton backing him up. How comfortable would you feel if Romo missed extended time this season, and how much do you feel the offense would fall behind (if at all)?

Broaddus: Kyle Orton has proven that he can win games in this league and be productive when given the opportunity. He might not always be pretty, but he can make good throws and move the offense. Where he is really different from Romo is in his mobility. I don't see Orton being able to make those plays like we saw Romo do last season when things broke down, but he is a more than capable backup.


Hey fellas, I haven't heard much about Morris Claiborne playing the slot. Could this be the best option: Having Brandon Carr and Mike Jenkins on the outside and Claiborne in the slot?

Broaddus: Claiborne can play some slot and he has, but I believe the plan is to let him try and learn on the outside and get comfortable with that, then work him some inside if necessary. They really don't want to overload him to start out his career. Give him confidence and work from there.


This team cannot afford to go into this season with no experience behind the two top WRs. If the guys aren't in the right place or making the correct route adjustments it's a pick six or a sack. As much as I hate to admit, Kevin Ogletree at least knows the system and is the best option currently on the roster.

Broaddus: You might be right about Ogletree, but just knowing the system and making plays are two totally different things. I think we have all seen what Kevin Ogletree can and cannot do and even head coach Jason Garrett spoke of it yesterday when talking about the timetable of a player and what he needs to show. The clock has been ticking on Ogletree, which means how many more chances is he going to get? I believe that the third receiver job will be taken care of in camp and that player will be good enough to step up and make plays in case of an injury. If it's Ogletree then I am wrong and will admit it, but we all have seen this act before, including the coaching staff.

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