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Sounds Like WR Driver Staying In Green Bay

One of the veteran receivers Cowboys fans haven't stopped talking about here lately is Green Bay veteran Donald Driver, whose future with the Packers has been sketchy.

At age 37 and the Packers having a slew of young receivers, it seemed Driver would be on his way out.

And who knows, that very well could be the case. But Driver said recently he believes he will play 1-2 more years with Green Bay before retiring. The fact he plans to retire in Dallas was one of the reasons that led to the speculation of him possibly playing with the Cowboys before he called it quits. "I'll be in Green Bay. I'm not going anywhere," Driver said on "I've always said I want to retire as a Packer, I think the organization knows that, so we're going to come together. We're going to make a decision. One, two more years, and then I'll put my cleats on the shelf and sit back in Dallas and relax. It's family."

Driver enters the final year of his contract and is expected to count $5 million on the Packers' cap, including about $2.6 million in salary. If the two sides "come together" as Driver said, it's likely he would agree to take a pay cut.

That's something that always sounds easier said than done. So while it's likely safe to scratch Driver off the wish list, you never know how these things will shake out.

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