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2024 Dallas Cowboys Draft Guide | Cornerbacks

2024 Dallas Cowboys Draft Guide | Cornerbacks

CB: T.J. Tampa | Iowa State

  • Height: 6-1
  • Weight: 189
  • School: Iowa
  • Class: Senior
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It’s harder to find better eye discipline in this corner class than Tampa as his ability to sit in his zone and read the quarterback created difficult challenges for pass-heavy Big 12 offenses. His plus-length allows him to cover a lot of ground and space. If drafted to a defense that primarily plays man coverage, his press-ability on the outside doesn’t bring the speed that would make a defensive coordinator feel comfortable putting him on an island. Tampa has shown a tendency to overcommit in tackling.

OVERVIEW: One of the higher IQ cornerbacks in the class, Tampa takes his experience playing mostly wide receiver at Lakewood High School in Saint Petersburg, Florida, to the defensive side of the ball where he can anticipate route packages and cover large amounts of space. Voted as an AP Third-Team All-American and First-Team All-Big 12 member in 2023, Tampa stood out with his rangy coverage ability while helping a stout Iowa State defensive unit.