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2024 Dallas Cowboys Draft Guide | Cornerbacks

2024 Dallas Cowboys Draft Guide | Cornerbacks

RB: Jonathon Brooks | Texas

Running Backs
  • Height: 6-0
  • Weight: 216
  • School: Texas
  • Class: R-Sophomore
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Possesses the highest qualities of a well-rounded tailback. Slippery in between the tackles with sharp vision and agility to hit the holes. Rarely has a drop on film with reliable hands out of the backfield. Presents balance and coordination as a runner. Brooks has a limited sample-size of just 15 college games and 515 total snaps of action. Mostly due to a backup role behind Bijan Robinson in 2022 and a late-season knee injury against TCU. Additionally, how much of his success was due to the talent around him?

OVERVIEW: For the second-straight year, the Longhorns have delivered a top-end talent at the tailback position. Last year, it was Bijan Robinson that took the draft by storm. This year Brooks enters with the most intriguing skill set, but also comes with injury concerns. If it was up to everything within his own control, he would be a slam dunk first-rounder. Unfortunately, that's not how this works. Injuries, limited sample size and other questions will slow down some teams, but only for a bit.