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2024 Dallas Cowboys Draft Guide | Cornerbacks

2024 Dallas Cowboys Draft Guide | Cornerbacks

TE: Jared Wiley | TCU

Tight Ends
Cowboys Fit
  • Height: 6-6
  • Weight: 249
  • School: TCU
  • Class: Senior
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Wiley’s quick thinking and high football IQ are both apparent on film. He is always looking for work and takes pride in showing extra effort. Strong build which helps him take care of the football and absorb first contact without too much trouble. Growing into a solid red-zone threat. Looking a little out of place at times in the passing game, Wiley doesn’t really know where to gain the best leverage and struggles with catches in traffic. Able to block with effort, but lacks the high-end power needed to really help control the line of scrimmage.

OVERVIEW: All-Big 12 honoree and honorable mention Player of the Year in 2023. There's a lot to like about Wiley late in draft weekend. He already brings a lot of the unteachables in a prospect with speed, effort and strength. But he'll also bring a challenge to whoever drafts him as a raw prospect who needs an overhaul in many fundamental areas. He'd fit right in with a team that's not looking to make a high investment at the tight end position and that would be willing to develop someone instead. Sort of how the Cowboys sit at the moment.

COMPARISON: Jake Ferguson

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