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Sullivan: Unless They Win It All, There Will Be Debate About QB

Some of the thoughts that run through an oversized, bald head:

• There were three stages to the regular-season finale at Philadelphia: 1) Dak took a pretty good hit on that play. Wait, why is he in there again? This game has basically the same meaning and intensity as a shuffleboard matchup on the S.S. Minnow; 2) Tony's in, Tony's in. Why wasn't Terence Williams trying to catch that pass? Wow, he looks good. No quarterback controversy, though. Can't happen, can't think that way, not going to … touchdown! Tony threw a touchdown. Wait Tony's day is finished, no quarterback controversy; and 3) I have to watch two more hours of this?

• I have been pretty mute on this topic, at least in print, and there's really no reason to break that trend. The week before last, I was watching practice and, my word, did Romo look unreal. Just making throws that only a handful of quarterbacks have ever made in my lifetime, dropping balls in spots where almost no one else would even throw. It is what it is, right? Sadly, and ridiculously unfairly, if the Cowboys don't win the Super Bowl there are always going to be questions and debate about who should have been taking the snaps.

This is all confusing on so many levels. Dak Prescott deserves being in the discussion for NFL MVP, yet he's not the best quarterback on his team. I'm sorry, he's just not. Regardless of who you think deserves to start, I am guessing, I am hoping that everyone agrees on that. Look, Daniel Day-Lewis is the best actor of the last 30 years, right? That doesn't mean if you give him Leonardo DiCaprio's role in *Titanic *it's a better movie.

• Not going to write much about this game, not sure there's much value there, much to take away. Will say that David Irving continued his fine play. The bulb is fully illuminated, the leap has been made. This is no fluke. This is three straight dominant performances. Not sure of his snap count, but it wasn't a ton and he tallied four hurries and two quarterback hits in the first half. The premier pass rusher on arguably the best team in the NFL was on a practice squad last season. That's inexplicable.

• Cris Collinsworth would have been pleased if he were in attendance as Damien Wilson had easily his best game in the NFL, with three tackles for loss, two pressures and a quarterback hit. As Collinsworth said earlier this season, "All the kid does is make plays."

• To give everyone an idea of where this game ranked in terms of relevance and importance toward the playoffs, to the season in general, I usually fill up 15-20 pages of a legal pad with my notes during games. The white sheet of paper next to me at the moment has four words on it including this in-depth gem: "Irving." Although I did underline it three times.

• When he's inducted into the Ring of Honor someday­, and if he stays healthy there's no doubt he will be, my first memory of Sean Lee will be from this game, when he didn't play a single snap. But he was active, so he stood on the sidelines with his helmet and gloves on the entire game. It's kind of like how Jason Witten runs on and off the practice field at training camp. I'm a big believer in the little things.

• By all standards in the 97-year history of the NFL, Carson Wentz performed above and beyond for a rookie quarterback, especially considering the skill-position talent around him. Threw 16 touchdown passes and 14 picks, won seven games. Showed a lot of promise.

• This is a million years from now to worry about, but can't imagine Mark Sanchez is the No. 1 option to be this team's backup quarterback next season. His career vitals are better than most would think, though, he won more than he lost as a starter and he won four postseason games before his 25th birthday. Guessing there's not a long list for the latter.

• Oh, meant to say this earlier: Of course, Jason Garrett's choices on who to rest in Week 17 could be second-guessed two weeks from now, but I was on board with every decision, from Ezekiel Elliott and Lee, to when they took certain starters, like Prescott, Witten and Dez Bryant out. Maybe would have given Romo another drive.

• More head-coaching openings around the league than most expected and there could always be another one, usually a surprise three or four days after the final game, so offensive coordinator Scott Linehan has to be looking at multiple interviews. As for Will McClay, the assistant director of player personnel, he's going to be the first choice for any general manager gigs, but my guess is he stays. At least for another season. His responsibility and income here is on par with many GMs around the league.

• Cole Beasley ended up leading the team in receptions. That's an amazing story that doesn't receive the attention it should. An undrafted free agent who left training camp during his rookie season, thinking an NFL career just wasn't his thing. Five seasons later he's the leading receiver for the No. 1 seed in the NFC.

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