Swimsuit Edition of Dallas Cowboys Star Magazine Now Available

Summer must be officially here! The ninth annual Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders Swimsuit Edition, the largest one ever produced, is now available.


On hand were two photo crews, including six makeup and hair designers, as well as the Cowboys' social media and video teams. In all, over 50 people took part in this year's shoot.

All of their hard work will now go toward the publishing of five calendar formats, photo galleries on DallasCowboys.com and the team's social media sites. And new for this year, 10 vignettes will be released on the Dallas Cowboys YouTube Channel later this summer.

And that's all in addition to the140-page 2017 Swimsuit Edition, which features exclusive photos of the often imitated, never equaled Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders. Don't miss out on what is a sure sign that summer has officially begun.

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