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Top 10: Where Dak Ranks Among Best QBs on Cowboys 2017 Schedule

There's no doubt about it, the Cowboys will face some big-time quarterbacks this year with the 2017 schedule.

From Aaron Rodgers to Eli Manning to young players such as Derek Carr and Carson Wentz, the Cowboys' defense will have a tough task every week.

But the same should be said for opposing defenses, who must deal with Dak Prescott as well.

So this week's Top 10 focuses on the best quarterbacks on the field this year. The staff writers of voted on the Top 10 QBs who they will see this year, including the young superstar in Dallas.

Honorable Mention:

Carson Wentz (Philadelphia)

10. Alex Smith (KC)– He won't ever be the flashiest player on a list but he can be effective, especially with Andy Reid calling the shots. Smith has found a home in Kansas City and he's certainly good enough to win games.  

9. Carson Palmer (Arizona) – A Week 3 matchup in Phoenix will be a huge test for the Cowboys, mainly because of the Cards' stingy defense. But Palmer has some weapons around him that can make it tough on the Cowboys' defense as well.   

8. Kirk Cousins (Washington) – The only player on this list with a losing record against the Cowboys, Cousins gets two cracks at improving that 1-4 mark this year. Even with Pierre Garcon and DeSean Jackson leaving in free agency, Cousins will have some firepower to work with, thanks to the addition of Terrelle Pryor.

7. Philip Rivers (SD)– In just two meetings with the Cowboys, Rivers not only is undefeated, but he put on quite a show back in 2013, despite having a makeshift offensive line. He still threw for 401 yards and completed 83.33 percent of his passes (third-best of his career) to knock off the Cowboys at home. He'll make just his second appearance at AT&T Stadium when the Chargers arrive for the Thanksgiving Day game.  

6. Eli Manning (NYG) – The Giants and Cowboys always seem to play close games and Manning has definitely had his share of big moments in the rivalry. He owns a 14-12 record, including the playoffs, against Dallas, with two wins last year. The addition of Brandon Marshall should only enhance Manning's ability to move the chains.  

This week's Top 10 focuses on the best quarterbacks on the field this year. The staff writers of voted on the Top 10 QBs who they will see this year, including the young superstar in Dallas. 

5. Dak Prescott (Dallas) – After just one year, Prescott finds himself higher than a two-time Super Bowl winner and likely another Hall of Famer, but the arrow is definitely pointing up for Dak, who earned Rookie of the Year and Pro Bowl honors. He didn't just win the Rookie honors, but had one of the best first-year seasons in NFL history. If he improves just a little, considering the offensive players around him, Prescott could be ready to blossom even more.

4. Derek Carr (Oakland)– After just signing a new deal, Carr should be a Raider for a while. He's one of the best young quarterbacks in the NFL and is putting up numbers at a rapid pace. The Cowboys come to Oakland – perhaps for the last time – in December and it should be a matchup between two of the young superstar quarterbacks in this league.

3. Russell Wilson (Seattle)– We'll see how Wilson keeps things together in Seattle but after last year and the injuries he went through, all eyes will be fixed on the quarterback of the Seahawks. He's one bad play away from winning two straight Super Bowls so he's got some skins on the wall and he has seemingly improved each year. If he stays healthy, he can help carry Seattle once again.

2. Matt Ryan (Atlanta) – The reigning NFL MVP and Offensive Player of the Year was just a few first downs away from likely solidifying himself as the Super Bowl MVP as well before the Patriots stormed back to take the title. Ryan still launched himself into elite status last year and will look to improve on his 2-1 record against the Cowboys.

1. Aaron Rodgers (Green Bay)– Who else could be No. 1? Rodgers would probably take the top spot for all NFL quarterbacks, not just the ones the Cowboys will be trying to stop. But after crushing the Cowboys' hopes of a glorious season last year, Rodgers will again get Dallas at home in the regular season and perhaps again if both can make it to the playoffs. 

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