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Two-Minute Drill: Dez Sees Big Week Coming For Williams


IRVING, Texas – Terrance Williams' one-catch performance was still enough to draw the eyes and admiration of Dez Bryant.

Bryant said Williams, who caught one pass for five yards and beat his man on another occasion that could have resulted in a touchdown, demonstrated the explosiveness he can bring to an offense.

"He didn't really look too nervous to me, it was just probably a little bit too excited," Bryant said. "But he's going to find his way. We all do. I'm pretty sure he's going to go off this week."

The rookie receiver said he was nervous at the beginning of the game, but that went away after the first play.

Williams nearly added a touchdown catch to his NFL preseason debut as he was wide open along the sideline, but he and Tony Romo had some miscommunication and the ball sailed over his head.

"He pointed the safety out, and I was too focused on the play that he called instead of doing the check down, but it's something that I just have to continue to keep learning how he calls things and just use my eyes more and have common sense," Williams said.

In addition to his high remarks for Williams, Bryant also discussed a variety of topics Monday while wearing a wrap around his thumb. He downplayed the severity of it and said the thumb is great and won't be a problem going forward.

While that may not be a problem, the Cowboys' red zone efficiency certainly has been recently.

Are you worried about the red zone problems?

Bryant: "I think we work extremely hard. I think we all know what we can do. I don't think there's really a big issue. We go out and try to execute these plays the best way possible we can when we go out to practice. I don't think it's any kind of concern, none of us worry about not finding the end zone."

Is it a challenge to focus more on football and the rigors of practice now that the team's returned from camp?

Bryant: "No challenge at all. It's just football, no matter where you're at. If you love the game, you're going to practice football wherever. It's always great to be home, but if we were out in Oxnard, it would be the same way. I think the approach that we came with this morning was outstanding. It was no sluggishness."

How'd the heat bother you?

Bryant: "I was good. You know me, I'm rolling, baby."

Dunbar's had a good camp. What have you seen from him and how will his absence impact the team?

Bryant: "He's explosive. He's one of those guys who can turn a five-yard play into an 80-yard play. The guy's just real explosive. Very fast, powerful. I think it's probably the best thing for him. We don't need him right now. It's still the preseason. I'm pretty sure he'll be ready to go Sept. 8."

How ready are you to start the season?

Bryant: "So excited. I can't wait. September 8 is just around the corner."

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